Happy TGIF! I thought I’d share what Jams are currently on my mind and on my ipod this week….Enjoy!

Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe: Bieber signed this gal because the song was ‘so catchy’, I completely concur. Whats not to love about this song? Turn it loud, roll the windows down, top down, and sing…New pick up line for the weekend?Oh and there’s an attractive guy in the video too, bonus!

Ball Park Music- Great Day to be Alive: This new band is great- Aussies, good lyrics, a funny and entertaining video, good attitude and great musical vibes.


Coldplay & Rhianna- Princess of China: I just dig this song. Once upon a time…lalalalaaaalalaaaa

San Cisco- Awkward: Sometimes I’m [a bit] awkward, nothing more to say.

Jimmy Eat World: so its’ old school, but I find it inspiring.


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