April 21, 2012 ~ New Moon

Today marks the new moon in Taurus, and tomorrow is Earth Day! What a great time to connect with mother Earth, our planet, and the people around us!

“The word April comes from the Latin aperio, meaning “I open.” This New Moon in Taurus inspires us to open our hearts to the beauty of God’s creation, to enjoy life and to treasure it. The spiritual task of Taurus is to establish a healthy relationship with the physical plane and our magnificent planet Earth. Now it is time to stop and smell the roses, to listen to the music of the falling rain, to watch the magic of a resplendent sunrise, and appreciate the many gifts and joys of being incarnate. Taurus reminds us that the best things in life are free.” [Heather]

This is the beginning of a new cycle, a time to build and move forward and begin new adventures. Like I’ve said before, new moons symbolize new beginnings, new manifestations, new intentions, new seeds, and new growth. Taurus grounds into the Earth and allows Spring seeds, and past seeds you’ve planted, to begin to blossom. Taurus (April 21- May 21) has Earth as it’s element. The zodiac sign encourages getting back in touch with nature, being good to Mother Earth, and connecting. Its energy calls upon the new King, who belongs to Mother Earth- the Bull, which is seen as the defender of Mother Earth. It’s no coincidence that Earth day happens to be April 22, the day after the new moon. It helps bring forth a new consciousness that allows us to focus on manifesting and assisting where is necessary, rather than destroying, and hurting ourselves and Earth. So consider what makes your happy, your soul happy. This will help connect you, your spirit, with Earth, and find health and more happiness and abundance. These ideas that help connect and attune us with the universe’s energy can transform into form when you are connected, and with the help of energy from Taurus.

It’s a great weekend and time to take a hike, walk on the beach, visit some gardens, and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Allow Mother Nature to help heal you. Taurus wants peace and values nature. Taurus is the sign that helps bring the fire and passion of Aries into manifestation. When we can connect with Taurus we can connect to what we want, and let go of materialism, and focus on what is truly in our highest and best. So if you have not began planting, do so. If you have, plant more, keep conserving, clarify what you really want and need, and allow your intentions to connect with Mother Earth to prosper. Focus on your ultimate goal, take time, move slow, and like a Bull fights, be determined, be strong.

This is a time when dreams come true, goals are closer to being reached, and you are empowered and flooded with encouragement. You feel more relieved, more able to move forward, as you are more grounded, and it is easier to take the next step to what you desire in your life.

Another thought- “Right after midnight, Luna removes herself from the fiery embers of Aries, to rest quietly and heal herself in loving Taurus. Shortly after, Moon conjuncts Sun to form a powerful New Moon. This new lunar cycle represents a start of a new emotional chapter, therefore a new approach to the way we experience life, work, relationships, etc. Where all is unseen and pure in the dark moon – a great energy is ready to emerge as our ego and the heart harmonize. What we want to create is slowly molded, and conceived from our desires and imagination. If we think it, it shall be. So our thoughts should be sought out carefully, so that they may work right along with the cosmos, and our own genuine input. As the New Moon rises in the warm element of earthy Taurus, our focus should concentrate on the appreciation for what we actually have and own in our life, with intentions to take what we’ve built, to enhance it. Ideas and affirmations are best if they stimulate the vibrations that exist with Taurus, such as: our personal values, home, property, family, love, money, finances, kindness, work, career, business, relaxation, fruits of our hard effort, pleasure, and our inner power. Supreme earth energy grounds to manifest. Design new goals to produce, beautify, and heal.” [http://www.astrodispatch.com]


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