Taco Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! In honor of the infamous American, Taco Tuesday weekday deal, I thought I’d share one of my most favorite dishes. I love Mexican food, I love tacos, but most of all I love guacamole. It’s often hard to find a healthy and cheap taco deal, so I’ve began making them myself. The key is making good guacamole. They are easy to make, relatively cheap depending on what you want to put in them, and you can have plate full of food to eat all week long, or share with others. I usually indulge in a nice gluten free beer with it or pair it with a glass of wine. There’s no real formula as to how to put these tasty treats together, just get some cabbage, use that as your taco base and begin to fill it up. I personally enjoying the avocado and grilled veggies if I have any. You can cheat too and buy prepaid guac or cooked quinoa to make it extra easy and quick. Happy Taco Tuesday! Ditch the bars and have dinner party instead, and blend some margaritas too. You can always make it to the bar after your healthy meal…

Tasty Tacos

– Cabbage Head

– Quinoa

– Avocados &/or Guacamole

Options to add:

– Beets

– Beans

– Cheese, I like using goat cheese

– Extra Tomatoes

– Grilled vegetables, zuchinni is my favorite

– anything else in your fridge

– Sauces, I’ve used pesto & it’s delicious


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