Stuck in a Rut?

Have you ever just felt stuck? Like nothing you do matters, you don’t know clearly what your ambitions are, and you just lost, and very off. I have, on different occasions.Perhaps you are not following your heart, working at achieving your dreams, or maybe you’re just very confused and lost between what you really want, what you have, and how to get it. Or many times I just have no idea what’s going with my body, mind, and emotions, and just feel lost in a fog. It’s hard to describe.

I’ve had a roller coaster of feelings like this. It was not until I was able to finally let go of everything, all my attachments, my thoughts of what I should be doing, who I should be, that I was able to rise above and find pure happiness. I wandered around like a lost lonely duck, searching for my pond and flock where I belonged. I did  not know what was wrong or how to describe what was going on, I just did not feel excellent. I keep to myself too much, do things alone, and enjoy the company of myself, but not always in a healthy way. One day my favorite yoga teacher, a very special friend, unexpectedly asked to get coffee after class, apparently she could tell something was wrong, and she cared enough to try to help. We chatted briefly, but in that quick half an hour something within me began to release. I felt alive and empowered after just having a conversation. That was my doorway that led me to get out of my fog and clear up my life. Sometimes it’s the simple act of communicating and voicing your feelings, so that you can uncover your own power and personal contentment. Also, that amazing feeling when you realize that someone else truly cares about you. Woah. Too often we get stuck in ourselves, our ways, our drama. We are afraid as a society to reach out, or scared to let others know how we really feel, and then we hold it all in, only creating more stagnation and emotions. Why can’t we all roam the world as little kids? Being honest with ourselves, how we feel, what we want to do, and smiling and giggling all day long? I hold things in all the time, and I’ve learned that my other modalities to happiness: music, the ocean, running, dont always work. I need people, friends, community. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is just chat with another human, a friend, and pleasantly exchange ideas, laugh, or sip coffee. After all, how good does it feel when someone asks you genuinely, How are you doing today? Or when you get an invitation to do something? Or just a nice smile and compliment in the middle of your day? It’s these happy feelings that help us get unstuck, and notice why we are not operating at 100% magnificence. Once you begin shifting your patterns, negative habits, transformation happens magically, and you begin to experience the joy of living happy.

“The second sutra concerning sauca speaks to the energetic experience of purifying and cleansing. We practice sauca and we become happy….as we deepen our yoga practice, we become happy for no apparent reason, as we fundamentally change the way we move through our days. In fact, out lives change so radically that we forget why it was we were unhappy in the first place. Our new found happiness appears to be for no reason. In truth, we are happy because we have applied the principles of yoga to our lives…If we are to find lasting happiness, we must not only clean up our rooms but clean up our thoughts as well. Fortunately, that is precisely what the practice of yoga is all about. To begin, we let go. We let go of our thoughts, our old scripts, out expectations, our darkness. The solution is not to fight but to let go. We let go of everything and hold on to nothing. Over and over again, on the mat and off, we let go. This letting go is a purification. We let go and it is like dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples slowly growing to encompass our every waking moment. In out letting go we create an emptiness, a space that health and grace will move into. We begin to live with a joyful awareness.” [Rolf Gates]

Consider the following: what have you been eating? Greasy foods, heavy meals, meat, flour, have the tendency to deflate your mood. Load up on greens and other super foods! Have you been drinking too much? I often feel depressed after I’ve had too many cocktails in a weekend. Water purifies the soul, so neutralize your system by chugging h2o instead. Order a water with lemon at the bar and I’m sure your friends wont know the difference between that and a vodka water or tonic.

“When the body is cleansed, the mind if purified and the sense controlled, joyful awareness, needed to realize the inner self, also comes” [Yoga Sutas]

Some Solutions~

Journal. What is bringing you down? Causing this fog? What makes you happy, what is not? Find the underlying root issues. Get your emotions, fears, thoughts out on paper so you may find more clarity

Talk to someone. If you have a friend, partner, brother, sister, maybe share with them how your are feeling. Maybe it’s something in the seasons, the air, that’s going around. Or maybe they can shed a new light on the situation. Regardless, getting it out does wonders! You would be surprised.

Get outside. Now a days too many people get stuck inside, sitting at desks, watching TV, sitting at bars, etc. Get outdoors and do something fun, maybe it’s just a simple walk, or watching the sunset on the beach. By getting in touch with nature, the fresh air, you will feel so much more grounded. Get out of your house, yours office chair, your car, and spend some time enjoying the ambiance of the outdoors.

Get moving. I notice myself falling down a sad slope when I get lazy, sleep in, eat poor, and dont find time to sweat. Working out helps activate your body, your breath, fuel your system, and help flush and release toxins and things that may get ‘stuck’. Personally I enjoying jumping in the ocean in the summer and just rinsing and letting go. There is something magical in salt water. I also love to sweat and enjoy hot yoga, especially on days I’m feeling down. Let all my thoughts drip away. Try running, walking, biking, sitting in a park, anything that gets you to find your space, breathe, and get your body going.

Go Green. Take 3 days and eat only natural foods. Load up on greens, smoothies, fruits, and stay away from processed stuff, frozen meals, meat, rice, coffee, caffeine, etc. You’ll be amazed how much better your feel.

Music. Find some music that grounds and calms you and listen to it daily. I always burn a new CD when I get into a funk and burn happy, often obnoxious songs that elevate my spirits. Then I drive around town and sing them in my car while blasting them. I get some funny looks, but so what? My playlist is always changing, but some of my fave artists are: Bon Iver, One Republic, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Glee Soundtrack, Garden State Soundtrack

– Get Rid of your Shit. Yup, some dont like to talk about this, but it’s important. You need to take a dump and get rid. A healthy ddigestive system usually goes at least once a day, although everyone is different. Think about it, you don’t want that food you ate to be sitting in your system all day or week. Your body should take what it needs and get rid of the rest. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes that help keep things moving. There are many different colon cleanses and fasts. I recently experimented with this product to the right and loved it. I’d recommend it to anyone just feeling stuck (in more ways than one) and needs an aid to help their digestion and elimination. Get it at a Whole Foods near you.

Find your Happiness. Elevate. Change…The Goal –>


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