I Can See Clearly Now??

I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe that we are all interconnected in a living universe and that whatever you think, feel, speak, acts as your vibration, and that attracts certain people, obstacles, events, and things into your world. Roll your eyes, laugh, or call me crazy. That’s what I believe. In the past few days I’ve been in a somewhat off state of mind. Memorial weekend always symbolizes change for me, and I only laugh at where I was a year ago, what was happening, and where I am now…a much better place. Things have been coming up for me, new ideas, new thoughts, and new emotions. I’m a generally happy person, but this week I’ve encountered some turbulence and some personal things about myself has surfaced. I’m in great contemplation and confusion, but I’m tremendously excited for all the opportunities that lay ahead. So today I heard this song multiple “sporadic” times throughout my day: twice on the radio, on my computer itunes when on shuffle, and on my ipod while on a run. Coincidence? Never. I believe it’s a sign, a sign to remind to breathe, to stop thinking too intensely into things, into people, into how people behave, and what happens. Because at the end of the day, whatever emotions I feel will only stay stagnant and build up until I am ready to accept what is happening or what I may be going through and allow it to pass or just be. Too often I personally allow the actions of others to affect me, however that may be, and many times I feel lost and lonely when people don’t show back to me the same friendliness I do.  Here is the catch: it’s them, not me. I have no control, and whatever they want to seep up from this thing called the universe, and let into their lives they can. Though it’s a tough lesson, I can’t tear up my space because of something they did or did not do, I can only be my happiest brightest self, and know that at that genuine state, I’m allowing others with that same positivity and glory in. In all honesty, I’m fucking amazing and fun, so if people dont want to be around me because of that, who cares? It’s a blessing to me. This song that has played through my day is friendly reminder to me, for all of us, that I need to let my rain pass, and see clearly to what is present…because it is a bright, bright, bright, sun shinning day…

Right before I sat down to write this post I spontaneously opened one of my favorite books up to a random page. Coincidentally enough, I think it fits well. You be the judge and make your own interpretation~

“Sauca speaks to the energetic experience of purifying and cleansing. We practice sauca and we become happy…To experience progress on this path is to become happy for no apparent reason, as we fundamentally change the way we move throughout our days. In fact, our lives change so radically that we forget why we were unhappy in the first place. Our new found happiness appears to be for no reason. In truth, we are happy because we have applied the principles of yoga into our lives…to examine my thoughts from this new perspective, I realized that I already had a fully formed philosophy of life. Unfortunately, my philosophy was a hodgepodge of overheard conversations, mistaken briefs…and so on. Garbage in, garbage out. My life was a reflection of all the thoughts I allowed to dominate my mind as I moved through my days. The script was quite miserable…If we are to find lasting happiness, we must not only clean up our rooms but clean up our thoughts as well. Fortunately, that is precisely what the practice of yoga is all about. To begin, we let go. We let go of our thoughts, our old scripts, our expectations, our darkness. The solution is not fight, but to let go. We let go of everything and we hold on to nothing…This letting go is a purification. We let go and it is like dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples slowly growing to encompass our every waking moment. In our letting go we create an emptiness, a space that health and grace will move into. We begin to live with a joyful awareness” 

[Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison]


“When the body is cleansed, the mind is purified and the senses controlled, joyful awareness, needed to realize the inner self, also comes” [yoga sutras]



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