Happy First day of Summer!!

It’s 2012! And Today, June 20, marks the first official day of summer, officially known as the summer solstice, officially at 7:09pm. It’s the longest day of sun all year! Celebrate! The sun is now in Cancer, a water sign, new signs, new feelings, new opportunities! If we were in the arctic circle we would get to experience 24 hours of daylight. How cool is that? After today, each day will get a bit shorter until we reach the opposite, Winter solstice. It’s like we peak up as the days go on toward June 20/June 21, then we peak down until Dec 20/Dec 21. Incredible how this all relates directly with the tilt of Earth’s axis. More info about the Summer Solstice 2012 can be found on National Geographic’s analysis. Oh and it’s also national surfing day….why not hit the beach, get in the ocean, or take a swim?

Did you know “solstice” translates to sun standing still?

Today would be a great day to get your zen on, whatever that may be for you…go sit still, be calm, clear your mind, and maybe even indulge in some sun salutations. Haha. Or so stand up on a surf board, paddle board? Just an idea. Be like the sun today, and every following day ~ radiate you energy and happiness.

So it’s Summer time ~ Yippy!!! Let’s welcome in this new season. The sun is coming out, the heat is rising, the ocean is calling, and new plants are growing. How are you celebrating? I’m celebrating by making the most of this day full of daylight and enjoying nature. I took my first swim in the ocean this year, this morning, no wetsuit needed! Yes, the ocean and the beach calls. Find some time to take a beach walk, enjoy the sunset, press your bare feet on some grass, read under a tree, connect with nature. Welcome in the new season, and all the energy associated with it! Let summer flow… It’s time to kick off my summer, and I’m determined to make it the best one yet. Spring is over, so maybe take a moment to look back on the past 90 days, what have you been working toward, how have you changed, and most of all, what have you created and let go off? How do you feel, and what do you want to feel? Let these positive bright energies lift your spirits, awaken you soul, and invigorate you.

Summer is my happy time of year. I’m blissed out with the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, beautiful sunsets, ocean temperatures rising, and just the general mood people get in around this time. It’s as if we are all on summer vacation! We all love to play in the summer, and it’s usually needed at this time of year, but it’s also to important to keep looking ahead at where you want to be. “The next 90 days are in any case a time to decide, consolidate, stabilize, and work toward what will shift at the Autumnal Equinox. We began numerous cycles of new activities during the 2011 Aries conjunctions involving Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars with Uranus and Jupiter. These were solidified and stabilized at the recent planetary conjunctions with Jupiter in Taurus.” [http://www.aquariuspapers.com]

Let summer begin, wipe away that stuckness and May gray fog, and wake up to the beautiful sunlight and changes happening. Last summer I experienced a hurricane of experiences, emotions, and changes. It was unreal how events unfolded, what happened, and what has become. I laugh about it, but I couldn’t be more happy now, that I’ve accepted change and my own personal evolution with trust and faith.

“Just as the world around us changes and evolves, so do the circumstances and situations in our lives. We live in a universe that is alive, vibrant, and constantly evolving. Change is the way nature, the universe, and the Divine move us through each period of our lives and into destiny. We are led to our next lesson, our next adventure. There’s no need to deny change, to fear it or fight against it. Change is inevitable. Just as the earth is constant motion and transformation, so are we…Take your place in the universal dance, the universal rhythm. Allow change to happen. Work with it as your life unfolds. Sometimes change comes in one smashing moment like a volcanic eruption. Other time it happens more slowly, the way the winds and rain sculpt bridges out of canyons…Learn to trust your body-its signs, the signals, warnings, and excited proclamations….change is coming. It’s here. You can feel it in the air. You can feel it in yourself.”



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