Olypmics 2012

It’s Olympic time! Wahoooooo. My favorite TV/international event ever. I love it. Something so magical about bringing the world together, uniting as one, everyone with the same underlying intentions- to shine, to compete, and to make their country proud. High spirits in the air and focus and drive. The London Olympics kicked off Friday and I encourage everyone to not miss out on this amazing action. There was some controversy over how London presented the opening ceremonies Friday. I like to look at the bigger picture, and acknowledge London’s great efforts and their ability to uniquely portray a story of their history. They are hosting the games and they want to show off their country, their culture, and what represents them. My favorite part was of course Paul McCartney ending the ceremony with a beautiful song.

These athletes, teams, countries, have put so much effort into competing and being able to be a part of this event. It’s incredible. Let’s celebrate the world, our ability to be at peace in this moment, and share the excitement of the Olympics. This event started in Greece eons ago and how special that this tradition continues, and as our world grows and changes, the events continue, more elaborate stadiums get built, ceremonies become more elaborate, and I hope more people get interested. It’s more than a competition and there is so much more than winning a medal. For me the Olympics represent a magical time when countries all over can come together and play. You can watch and celebrate the amazing sports moments, the smiles, the exhilarating turn around, the goals that get blocked, the shots that get through, the team energy, the tears, the joys, the heartbreaks, the dreams coming alive….and so much more. These athletes sacrifice so much for the opportunity to compete and represent, and for the opportunity to do what they love. That’s amazing….


GO USA Swimming!


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