New Moon in Leo –> Follow Your Heart

Hello friends! Friday Aug 17 2012 we had a magical new moon…this time in Leo.  New moons always represent a time to let go of what has happened, especially the past storm of cancer, and set forth new intentions. It’s important to consider the seasons too, and as summer summer peaks know what transitions should be coming forth too. Seeds we planted in Spring are rising and growing, and evolving for your own highest and best purpose. Be faithful. Your intentions are ripening and as fall comes along things should begin to settle more clearly, bringing everything together in time for a nice harvest.

“Let’s unravel the blessings of this new moon is sun-rules by Leo! It’s here to spark our creative fires and also brings illumination by shedding light into relationships and urging us to align with our truth and empowered selves. A great time to plant seeds for creative ventures and partnerships.”

I felt this new moon deeply towards the end of last week. All sorts of men popped back into my life and started showing up again. New job opportunities were offered to me, and signs about other things I’ve dabbled in appeared. Magical events that I did not full understand until I realized what the new moon in Leo means. Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun. It’s a time to let yourself shine. During this phase of the moon ideas and goals that have been percolating could begin to take root and signs and support may show up like sprouts bursting through the dirt. There is no coincidence. More importantly, Leo rules the heart, and all manifesting always should stem from the heart. If you heart is not in your desires and wishes, then creating what you want is impossible. You should always follow you heart, follow you bliss, and do what makes you happy.

With every new moon, it’s a good time to formulate your desires and goals. During this time concentrate particularly on Leo things: your romantic life, creative endeavors, hobbies, passions, things you enjoy doing, relationships that make you feel good, happiness with children, and things that light you up. As you do more that makes you happy and loving, and feel more happy and loved, you will naturally develop your self confidence and pride. It’s a time to stand in your own light, be proud, and do things that make your heart sing, expand your creativity, and things that make your world and day better and blissful. Live from your core truth and live from your heart. Believe in what your intuition says, believe in your heart, follow your joy, and believe your visions are real and achievable. Build relationships with others, and build the relationship with yourself and let this new moon help make your dreams real.

“It’s a time to be true to yourself, to live from your heart, and to display your individuality with pride”

Leo is the sign of self love and adoration, so use this new moon to turn the tide in that very direction. Create a positive mantra that you say to your reflection everyday in the mirror. Empower yourself. Attract the love you are waiting for, make a wish, and see the love in yourself. Accept yourself for who you are, not what you think you should be. Let your inner child come out, become playful, more creative, and enjoy. It’s about having fun and letting loose. Smile. And when things or people creep in that dont serve this blissful state, the true you, know when to let go and move on. If you no longer seek pleasure in someone/something, walk away and move on, part ways. It doesnt mean you don’t love them, you just need to move on, and poor more love into other ventures and into yourself. Reignite your passion and fall in love…with yourself, your life, with others, with who you are and what you do.

“Leo is: As light breaks through the clouds, a perfect rainbow forms…”

Summer is coming to a slow end…Find your summer of love, enjoy every moment of it, restore with the heat, take care of yourself, and open your heart. Focus on doing things that expand that heart space, your love, and surround yourself with loving people and things throughout your day. Commit to yourself, follow your heart, do some art, spark your creative force, and live and be happy. This is the time. As you set your hearts desire, your wants, your intentions with this new moon, believe that it will show up and it will be given to you at the most prefect time in the best way possible…


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