Full Moon Friday

We had a full moon. A blue moon actually. What does this mean?

A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. A rare occasion that happens every 3 years. The next one is not until 2015! That saying “once in a blue moon,’ yes resonates with that. Unfortunately, the moon is not actually blue, well to human sight from Earth. But you are able to FEEL this moon. You can feel every full moon energetically, but because there are two in this month, this blue moon has an extra strong force.

“Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it. You will find you dance with everything.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
Did you feel it last week? I sure did. I felt it in the days leading up to Friday, and I felt it extremes on Friday. After that I had weird vibrations all around, but not to the same extreme. Full moons symbolize endings, happy endings, and opportunity for new beginnings (when the full moon comes). It’s a great time to detach, consider what you are wanting, what you no longer need, and find peace with letting things go. It’s a good time for clarity of unresolved issues and being okay with what you have, where you are, and maybe forgetting stemming issues.

This full moon is in Virgo and Pisces. A lovely balance of opposites. No wonder I felt very weird and confused! Pisces has an active energy, things stir up, wound up, etc. This moon represents what has happened in the last moon cycle, as well as what’s happened since the last Pisces moon, which was in February. Consider what has happened? What has unfolded? And begin to use this full moon for clarity…..It’s a great time to feel who you are, what you are, and notice the feelings. Take action where needed, and see your actions happening and become more aware. It’s a good time to be spiritually more connected and evolve. Come to terms with who you are; soul search. Notice what may be coming up and what you can do to heal these wounds or beliefs. Then use that insight, those feelings, to transform– cleanse, purge, detox– take action and come back to your true essence, and good feelings. Forgive people, events, yourself, things that have happened and release your past. Allow in your future potential, and rebalance yourself, your life, with this full moon. It’s powerful energetically.

“Virgo is an earth sign, concerned with sifting, sorting, and determining what is relevant and effective in our lives. Pisces is a water sign, intuiting, trusting, following the flow of inner guidance and divine intent. Together they link left-brain analysis with right-brain knowing. Virgo examines the parts in order to understand the whole. Pisces experiences the whole in order to understand the parts.At the time of this Full Moon, we are challenged to balance logic and intuition, judgment with compassion, analysis with faith. We are experiencing an unprecedented leap in the evolution of humanity. When everything seems to be falling apart, we are reminded that something else is coming together.” [source]

Summer is coming to an end, so Virgo helps end that summer tone to slow down to moderation as we ease into Fall. Any chaos or disorganization in our lives should get cleaned up. Virgo also helps detox our bodies and reset. A great time to focus on nutrition, cleanse, eat well, and feed well. As we shift from a fire sign (leo) to an Earth sign (virgo), we begin to analyze and may become a bit anxious. In the mist of the pull of opposites and transition we must let go of worry about how the transition will unmount and what may happen. Allow room for change…any chance, unplanned change, and let the curve balls come as they may. Stay open to change, allow it, ease emotions, and increase your intuition to help take order in your lives while increasing your spiritual side and own inner path. Follow what is inspiring and what drives you and helps create happiness in your life….Shift your perception….heal your issues….accept what is…..notice awareness….find action…..allow the change…..Believe….





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