Sept 5th….2012- A 5 Year

I’m into numerology. I believe in, I dig it, I read about it, and I believe. So what was the vibe of today?

So today, Wednesday Sept 5, 2012….How was your day? What did you notice? What went well and what went wrong? Maybe it was just another day, maybe you were not even paying attention. That’s fine. Because we are currently in a 5 year accordingly to numerology, (2+0+1+2=5) I thought it would be appropriate to share this video on the 5th day of September. Perhaps you felt crazy 5 energies…people being expressive, scared, curious, expressive, restless, asking questions to develop their growth, etc.


The number 5 represents change and transformation.Things may happen to you, you may follow a new path, take  a turn, find a new road. Energies are working to inspire your growth and development and lead you closer to who you are. Perhaps things, people, jobs, etc, begin to drift away and leave, and perhaps new things start coming….things that lead you closer to happiness, your truth that open you up and make you feel jolly. Change is amidst, circulating…..what you’ll notice is how people’s attitude adjust to this, how they feel, reflect, and their attitude to the changes circulating….


Roll your eyes, Google more, research, ask, dismiss, your choice….seek your own answers. I just think it’s interesting 🙂


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