Happy Fall!!

Yup, the Fall equinox happened. Did you sense it? A lovely three days when the sun stands still from Friday- Sunday (3 days)….also a great time to personally stand still yourself and reflect inward. Notice what has happened the past year, especially with the blooming of spring and love of summer, and then recognize what exactly you want to carry into your fall season.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony” [Thomas Merton]

Fall is the 4th sun cycle of the year, symbolic of harvesting and planting new seeds, watering, and then waiting for them to grow in the future. It’s a time to let  past things/ crops go, die off, release, and cultivate your own dreams and intentions for the fall. As nature changes, the weather changes, the leaves may change and fall, we humans also react. We transition, we change, and so often the hardest part is letting the past be as it was, and know that, the Fall is here, the future is your path, and you can take any actions to pave the way for yourself. Change and transition is never easy. But it is in this time of year you can notice what in your life brings you complete joy, what experiences do you like, what people lift you up, and what events, people, and circumstances do the opposite. Do you wish for a better life, career, relationship, etc? Now is the time to be aware of the past. Be grateful for what has happened, what you have been presented, and and what has come up….but be able to let parts of that go.
The sun is now in Libra, which relates to relationships. As we transition to the new season, the nights get longer the days shorter, and it’s a time to pull inward to yourself. Summer is often spent with others, in the heat, sunny days, and activities. Fall now lets you come back in to yourself, realize what you want for yourself, and you can transition out of pleasing others, and more into pleasing yourself. I personally often notice a dramatic shift in relationships– friends, men, coworkers, etc….seasons change, the weather changes, emotions change, people change, and global energy changes. It’s not easy, but if you can see it as an opportunity and a gift, you can begin to pave your way more into what makes you joyful and happy. The hardest part is letting go. Let the people fall out, let relationships that dont serve you dwindle away, stop doing things to please others, and hone in on what pleases you. Know that sometime friendships die off, it doesn’t mean you’re less important or less of value, it just means energetically you’re separating. Law of attraction always brings the best people for you into your space naturally. Instead of getting sad or frustrated when relationships fall apart, be hopeful and compassionate. Know people come in, stick around, and leave, it’s all part of the transition, and all you can do is be yourself, be hopeful, and see the best in what you have. I can only promise great fulfillment and much more happiness when you put things in perspective and realize how you feel.

“Take a deep look within yourself. Weed out complications, things that have completed your cycle, and nourish roots of what you want to grow again in the following Spring…”
So Hello Fall. Big changes, new fashion, cooler weather, more warmer colors, and new gifts for us all. Reflect. Notice where you can balance your life, and find harmony. Reflect upon what has happened. What thoughts and intentions have correlated, what’s evolved in Spring and Summer. Most importantly, notice what was, and what will (and can) be. Be grateful for what the universe has given you, the experiences in the summer, the people who have come in, and signs you have received, and be eager for the new seasons, new adventures, new dreams, new intentions. Notice how and where you can shift. And be able to admit on where your thoughts may be hindering you personal growth. Autumn season has begun. Flourish within yourself, and spark change and transformation within. Remember, your past will be you future until you are able to set your future in motion, change your ideas, your thoughts, your attitude, to start planting seeds of new depths and rooting yourself to where and what you want to become. It’s like nature, the end of summer means end of the harvest, the crops, the yummy veggies that rise out of the ground. Fall is the time to plant seeds, nourish what you want to grow, cultivate ideas, and water and shower these ideas as best you can…especially so they can be in full bloom around Spring.

Reflect. Be Aware. Be grateful. Notice. Admit. Let it go. Focus on what will be. What you want. What makes you smile…

“You can have whatever you want in life…if you’re willing to pay attention…” [Tanco Sands Kunuli]

Paint your future, imagine your fall, detach from past experiences, and transform your life, like nature transforms into fall. Plant the seeds, nourish yourself, adapt, balance your body and your mind, and find freedom in letting go, and eagerness in the new season of change….


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