Summer is past, but the Music is still alive

I know we are now in the midst of the Fall season, new beginnings, new shifts, new perspectives….but this song just came on my Spotify account and I cant help but share it. One of those happy songs that just brings bliss to my ears. Isn’t it nice to imagine a nice looking guy singing such sweet lyrics about ya? We can pretend it’s summer still….keep the happy thoughts near, and be open for the transitions of Fall…

“I’m a little drunk on you, and high on summertime…”



And remember, the changes are never easy, but they are meaningful. It’s time to begin in Fall, with the natural change in nature, begin to shift inwardly toward your own evolution…. Let go of what others may be thinking of you, what you’re doing, what they think you should be doing, and acting, and begin to live from you heart and desires, and don’t let the chaos of the others/the world let you shift. Never change who you really are, and don’t be afraid to come back to that person

I love this song—-> Good meaning, great lyrics, and excellent lesson.


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