Harvest Moon

I’ve been writing a lot about the Fall season and the changes that are inspiring. I think it’s so fascinating and I believe there are so many energetic shifts happening at this moment in time. Saturday, Sept 28 marks the end of September and the beautiful full moon for the month. It’s more than a full moon though, it’s a harvest moon! Also called a singing moon or wine moon. Check out the sky at night in the final days of September, early days of October, the moon should illuminate the sky. A nice large orange color floating in the dark sky, a true sign of the autumn equinox. Also a sign [sigh] that the nights are getting longer, days shorter, sun sets earlier, and we progress into fall and cooler winter season. The annual harvest moon appears different each year, this year in 2012 it’s actually smaller than typical sizes. The closer the full moon is to the horizon the larger it will appear (Google moon illusion if you are interested in the dynamic of why the moon appears as it does).

About the September Full Moon 

I’ve described briefly about the Fall shift and how the sun is now in Libra. This full moon, in Aries, focuses upon relationships and is a time to identify what happened with the new moon earlier this month. It’s a time of engaging with others, having relationships, enjoying your friends and partners, and often emotional. Aries is often focused more upon self, and in contrast, Libra is typically focused upon others. It’s an interesting opposite energy but a time to reflect upon how to maintain your relationships better….do as you do while still keeping those loved ones around and happy. Akin to the transition into Fall, and finding balance and harmony within your life and self, this full moon, urges us to maintain balance in relationships also. Stay independent and meet your own personal needs, while still satisfying the needs of others in your life, in a healthy way. Sometimes we do too much for others and forget about our own needs and rattle ourselves into negative emotions. Or opposite, sometimes we do so much for ourselves we act and forget about how others may feel. We need to find balance between the two and this full moon is friendly reminder. This full moon may trigger emotions to be expressed out loud around this weekend and in the two weeks after. It’s important to get the emotions out, express yourself and your concerns, and let them go. So important to stay true to your needs and find independence while maintaining relationships of those people you care about and who inspire you. The key thing for the Fall equinox is balance, and this full moon reflects just that, especially in the relationship sector.

Look for the full moon to illuminate the sky!

Read more about the harvest moon and whats going on here, with many great insights~

“We all get to open to new things over the next two weeks, and the pace should quicken considerably. We’ve all been working with some element of honesty in our lives the past two weeks, and “getting back to the garden of our innocence.” We’ve also had to revise some ideas, some sense of how things can be done most effectively, and found new perspectives that have allowed us to follow our instincts into right action… The focus the next two weeks in on the heart, and how we can begin to embrace the “great work” with joy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a balanced sense of how to get where we need to go with the patience and thoughtfulness required as we stand on the threshold of the Saturn in Scorpio era coming at us like an express train. People, feelings, and direct experience will continue to be important, as will showing heart and love whenever there’s any doubt about anything. This Full Moon continues to fuse Divine Mother energies into the patterns of our lives and hearts, so follow your heart into feelings of renewal, hope, and the promise of unseen agencies working with you, whether you know it or not.”

This full moon on September 29 should be largley felt energetically, like a cosmic explosion. We will be in a new shift, tapping into desires of change, and evolution. A pivotal time to start shedding some skin metaphorically and letting go of things that no longer serve the true you. With the new presence of Uranus and Pluto, it’s a time to begin being authentic, present, and identify your own challenges and your own pleasures. Be ready to feel this powerful full moon! Aries has a need to find identity within your true self, ask yourself – Who am I?

Uranus in Aries invites us to explore the archetypal dimensions of our life and to consciously re-connect with the archetypal power of our soulful identity.  We might discover a leader, a builder, a thinker, a creator, a helper, a partner, an artist, a dreamer, a bard, a mystic.  Answering the call of our archetype is our hero’s journey. [Read more here]

Center yourself around this full moon and the following days. Get grounded. Find balance and harmony within yourself, and connect nicely with other people. Let the natural ebb and flow invite in change and transformation at this time. Find some compassion in others as well, recognizing everyone is shifting with this full moon energy, and feeling a little out of there normal selves.

Your choices. Your emotions. Your self awareness. Your identity. Your emotions. Your relationships. Your balance.


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