It’s Fall….Take a [deep] Breathe….

Happy Fall! Like I’ve been talking about the energetic shifts happening, the colors changing, the weather getting cooler, and now it’s time to acknowledge the shifts happening with the new harvest season —-> Food! What’s growing? What’s in season? And what is sprouting out of the ground now, available to eat, naturally, organic, or however you please…..It’s important to recognize the cooling of the temperatures and the body. Sometimes we all react to the loss of heat, it’s important to really nourish yourself – internally and externally. Nourish with warmer foods, like soups, less cold things, no ice, and load up on tea (always). Fall is the best and most important time to pause, reflect, nurture yourself, relax, and focus on whats most critical: your self. Detox from summer, rid yourself of toxins, the heat, and food or parties you indulged too much in, and bigger than that, let the other circumstances drift away. Journal about your dreams, eat foods to warm and help your body, chill out, find peace, no more heat for agitation, and really just settle into your, yourself, your goals, your ideas, your feelings, and your life.

Autumn time is September 24 – December 20

The tree leaves begin to change to warmer colors: orange, deep yellows, reds….the weather gets cooler….and in line with that, the food that grows out of the Earth changes. Rich vibrant colors of summer no longer grow as well, instead cool colored dryer food blossoms. Think warming food, hearty food to warm your body with the cooler weather, foods that will nurture and nourish the body with the transition out of summer into fall, preparing for winter.

Fruits: Apples, pears, dates, raisins, grapes, figs, pomegranate, watermelon

Veggies: Carrots, onions, dark greens, squash, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, yams, collard greens, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, pumpkins, garlic

Good Herbs to use: thyme, plantain, horsetail

Other: brown rice, kidney beans, oats, plain yogurt, egg yolks, fish

Now focus internally….Fall is all about pulling things inward. It’s not longer external, enjoying the outdoors, the sunshine, playing in the ocean, and socializing with events in the nice heat. Fall transitions, the sun sets earlier, nights get longer, and it’s symbolic as a time you’re suppose to inwardly reflect. It’s the final sun cycle, a time to reflect on the past sun cycles, especially what blossomed in spring, and what rouse in summer, and more importantly, a time to choose what you want for the new sun cycle of winter. It’s important to cleanse your mind, your body, your life, and detach from things that are no longer serving you well. Finish projects you may have started in this 4th cycle, find closure with events, especially relationships, notice what you want, what your seeking, and be okay with letting things that falter those goals…, relationships, hobbies, events, everything.

Fall organs= lung and large intestine, and the metal element.

I say take a deep breathe, because so often we forget to pause, appreciate, and [breathe out] let the past seasons go. Summer to me is a funny time where I feel like everyone dances around, trying to entertain themselves, being uncommitted, maybe foolish, and maybe a bit crazy with the erratic energies and weather. It’s typical. But now we are in fall and you can RELAX. I grant you permission. During summer things get wound up and a little cray….The fall, and coincidentally, the lung, is also attached to the element of letting go…..Have you ever had a cold in November, right at the end of Fall beginning of Winter?? That’s typically when I get ‘sick’. It’s so important to use Fall as a transition. Acknowledge what has come in and what has happened, appreciate, then send off what you dont need. (inhale) Notice it in your mind wrap it all together, then (exhale) place it in a balloon and send it away. Gone. New season, new month, fresh new slate. If you stay attached to the other things — relationships, ideas, beliefs, events, you just create more struggle in your body that ultimately manifest later in the lung area as an illness. Funny how that pans out. Breathing techniques are critical at this time. Enjoy the gift of praniyama, maybe even try new forms of mediation, breathing techniques, or yoga. When you can control your breathe (remember to breathe), you can control your mind, have more clarity, and more space for better new things.

For the Fall, balance your your mind first….set your intention….then balance your diet in conjunction. Thickening food like dairy, cheese, cream, create yuckness in the lungs. Load up on ginger, garlic, warming things to help your lungs. Get sleep, nourish your body, nurture yourself, breathe deeply, and trust the transitions that unfold. Breathe. As you breathe in new air, a new season, and new energy, then as you exhale, let the other waste go. It’s like you’re filling yourself up with new life with the new seasons, a fresh new start.


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