Happy New Moon in Libra!

Oct 15 2012 marks the new moon in Libra! A time to find balance, harmony, peace with yourself. The last Full moon was centered deeply upon reflecting upon your relationships. Now is a time to embrace the vibe of love and beauty to help align yourself more towards what you are looking for. It’s a time to tune into your hearts deepest truth and vision, and begin with the new cycle to embrace more love into your life. Libra is about relationships and balance and having the ability to express your creativity authentically. Bring harmony to relationships, balance the masculine and feminine qualities and aspect of your life. Ask yourself: What do you believe about relationships? What do you want to see in relationships in your life- partners, friends, jobs, etc?

Then reflect upon what you can start to change to find more balance within your relationship sector. How can you adjust your attitude, what limits beliefs can you let go of and work on changing, and how can you accept people as they are, and experience pure grace and joy in all aspects of others and yourself.

What can I do to bring more balance, harmony, beauty into my life and world?

People that come into our lives are mirrors and direct reflections of our thoughts and attitudes. You can discover yourself through your relationships wih other people. So notice what can shift, how you can start to focus on the type of people you want to see showing up. Surrender to the new ways of your life, your interests, your values, and how you relate to people. Let go of old relationships, old dirt, people that may have projected negative emotions into your space, and instead of living in the past, work to change the future, by focusing on the present and what you want to see more of. There is love all around us. We all want to feel connected, united. We are all connected. Seek the connections with others, cultivate friendships with people who serve a meaningful purpose in your life, recognize enjoyable relationships…and let the other stuff be a lesson. All relationships challenges are offerings to us as a path to what we can change and shift to feel more whole. Align with energies of what you want particularly relating to love and relationships. Use your intuition to guide you with the new moon…What do you want out of relationships in your life? What is your relationship to your self, and how do you feel when you glance into the mirror?

Accept what cannot be changed, change what you can, shift your perspective and thoughts, and begin to be a peace with who you are, where you are, and meet this new moon energy with ease and new feeling of freedom, wholeness, connectedness, and love.

This new moon is in contrast to the dramatic shifts into the fall season and especially with the full harvest moon. Notice what’s happened since the full moon, what relationships have changed, what have left, and what have drawn closer. Notice what you can choose to detach from you space and notice what you can stop shifting your thoughts towards. It’s not easy. But connecting to a new found ease and flow and understanding that this time will allow ourselves to walk a new path, discover more unsolved mysteries, bring in more wishes, and will help us feel balanced and in harmony with ourselves, our lives, our desires, and our own unity with the universe. Trust the path you want to walk down, recognize meaningful relationships, enjoy good feelings, and let the long difficult road of the Harvest moon/past be behind you. New moon, new cycle, new time…..


Other thoughts~

“While being optimistic is a positive quality, being idealistic within our relationships can often lead to disappointment(s) when the behavior of the other person(s) doesn’t match our expectations.  We all need to watch for this tendency and accept that not everyone is ready to step into the potential that we may see within that person.  Or we may have to consider the possibility that our “idealistic view” of someone else is actually simply a projection of what we want or need that person to be and isn’t based in reality.  Our goal, at this time, should be to accept where the other person is at without judgment…Overall, this New Moon in Libra is putting the spotlight on all manner of relationships . . . within our society, within our personal or spiritual community, and with our family and friends.  Ask yourself, “What can I do to bring more balance, beauty, and harmony into my life and into the world?”  It is also important to be aware of any tendencies toward idealizing within our relationships and, instead, to be realistic and approach everyone from a place of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance. “ [read more]

“Not everyone is meant to be our mate; some lovers are all fire and passion and burn out quickly, some lovers are safe and comfortable as friends, and a few have the special quality of being perfect matches for each other. It’s up to us to discern who is really available for partnership and who is there for a different kind of relationship.”

“This New Moon in Libra heralds a time of new beginnings in our partnerships, a time like the full Moon when we discover ourselves through our relationships with others. When we actually see how others react to us and adjust ourselves according to what we both want to create in the moment, we dance our relationships. We create a rhythm and a flow between our Self and another Self, and how well we navigate the steps will determine the quality and duration of that particular relationship. “

“We can use this energy to escape from our routine. By introducing fresh elements into our life that make us feel alive and free. You may be liberated from many of the duties and obligations that have prevented you from doing what you want. Mars, Uranus and the New Moon can enhance our self discovery. Life could be exciting and interesting when taking chances or trying something new.”

“We can use this positive energy to accomplish something good and useful for Self, others and our work. The enthusiasm, optimism and buoyancy can empower us to project positive energy into our environment. This will help us achieve what we want.”



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