Autumn Time ~ Things Slow Down….

Fall Season…We move from play to more of a schedule. A time of change and transformation. A time for planting fresh ideas and seeds, and letting old negativity die away. We move from daylight to nightlight, from outward to inward, from playing to settling, from sprouting to planting. In one conitnuous cycle, we meet the fall in celebration of the new opportunities, new changes, and new attitude we can cultivate for the next year. Cutting ties, sowing away old problems, rooting into what we want, and nurturing relationships that bring us joy, as we trust the universe, the continuous cycle, and the constant transgression.

As we edge further into fall, deeper into October and closer into the cooler November and Decemeber months, the weather cools and internally so do we. It’s that time of year where our bodies often feel stuck, tight, dry, as it tries to adjust out of the heat and warm weather and adapt to the cold. It’s when our digestion naturally stops functioning as well and slows down. Suddenly eating cold raw food becomes challenging. It’s best to introduce more warm foods, soups, teas, and rich fall tone veggies. This is often a challenge if you’re anyone like me who loves her green juices, smoothies, and fresh fruit and veggies. The raw foods actually take longer to digest internally so eating warmer/cooked food can help with elimination. Give your belly a break!

According to Chinese medicine, this is the season of the lungs and large intestine. Hence why colds are frequent, people loose their voice, and people get stuck up inside as they try hard to hold on to things. Fall is about letting go, detoxing, unraveling, and letting things pass so you can flourish, like nature, and recognize the beauty all around. Let old seeds die, and plant new ones. Often we store emotions in our belly. Think about it, what’s your emotional relationship to food? You are what you eat, right? The large intestine is responsible for elimination and is the largest organ responsible for digestion. It absorbs portions of your food and should let the other waste go. It’s the gut, akin to that gut feeling you have, that instinct you feel in your tummy. So if you’re holding onto emotions, past people, relationships, ideas, wants, whatever, you’re probably going to feel uneasy and uncomfortable around this time. Fall started at the end of September, and now we are almost done with October it’s time to purify, release, and move on. Where in your life are you stuck? What may you be holding onto? Often it’s probably unconscious, out of your brain, but with some journaling and stillness it may become clearer.

How to help with elimination and the large intestine?

Deep breathing. Relaxation. Take time to reflect. Stop withholding your feelings from others, express yourself. So often we keep our feelings inward, in our gut, and it sits the stagnant, leading to more blockage and greater build up of emotions (and other stuff to in the colon). Let it go. Free yourself.

“The large intestine’s job is to separate the impure from the pure and extract the liquid from the matter so it can pass out of the body as a solid mass. It removes substances our body no longer needs. Often when we are feeling intense emotion such as grief, our bowel movements become irregular either resulting in diarrhea or constipation.” [read more]

Drink a ton of water, hydrate to help the food pass through. Use garlic. Pick up other teas and herbs to help with waste. Cleanse, the body, the mind, together, inwardly and out. When we fail to release emotions, beliefs, thoughts, judgments, ideas, we become mentally constipated in our minds, we rattle up our emotions and shit and fail to release it, dump it out, allow it to pass. Do something that helps you unwind, this does not include substances or food or alcohol. I recommend peace, stillness, some nature, and yoga, maybe a nice song.

Yoga poses for the large intestine: floor bow, cow face, bridge, wheel, cobra, reverse prayer, half tortoise, wind removing, spinal twist

all breathing, deep breathing, chest openers, shoulder openers, side bending poses,

In Chinese Medicine, the lungs are an organ system that opens directly to the exterior. It’s function is to regulate and control the breath through inhalation and exhalation. Because of its opening through the nose, the lungs are easily susceptible to cold, heat, dryness, dampness, and most of all, heat and wind. This can effect the biggest organ of the body; the skin. The lung is closely related to the large intestine. The large intestine controls the transformation of digestive wastes from liquid to solid state and transports the solids onwards and outwards. It plays a major role in the balance and purity of bodily fluids and assists the lungs in controlling the skin’s pores and perspiration. It depends on the lungs for movement via the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm, which works like a pump to give impetus to peristalsis by regulating abdominal pressure…..The solar plexus Chakra is located below the diaphragm separating the lungs and the large intestine. This energy center is located at greatest nerve ganglia system in our bodies. This center allows for the communication between the upper and lower parts of the body and is connected to almost all the organs. The solar plexus is often where we consider our “gut” feeling to come from. This is also where the connection between the three lower Chakra interchange with the four higher Chakra energy centers.”


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