TGIF~ How do you feel Friday?

The choice is~ do we move forward into the future? Or continue to cling to the past?

There was a full moon Wednesday and a lunar eclipse… How do you feel today? Happy Friday! This full moon is in the sign of Gemini, an air sign sign that seeks logic and reason. Liked to relationships and learning more about your self through the relationships you have with other people. Using those relationships as mirrors, and then reflecting back on yourself on what necessary changes you need to make to better yourself, your life. Then you can make a conscious choice to shift certain patterns, attitudes, beliefs, to move forward into your own power. Planet mercury, leader of communication, also came out of retrograde, did you notice? I was a complete open moon early this week, verbalizing anything anyone wanted to talk about, even deep dark secrets. Ha. The lunar eclipse was powerful and emotional in conjunction with the full moon. What happened to you? Lunar eclipses happen every six months. It’s a time when the moon and the sun directly oppose each other and the earth crawls in the middle, almost blocking the light from the sun and casts a shadow over the moon. Awesome right? Symbolically though, the moon represents what you need, the sun is what we want, and the earth is the opposition and maybe feelings of confusion behind how to find this balance, how to act, and how to rearrange your life for those goals and balance. It’s a time to reflect on the past six months. What’s happened, people who have come in, or out, things that have changed, and what has changed with you. It’s crucial to notice what things from the past may have resurfaced in the last week, and identify if any closure has been accomplished or is needed to help you move forward.

I’ve had a crazy cool week full of different surprises and a plethora of different emotions. What lovely surprises the eclipse and full moon brought me. I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting back on the past year, who I was a year ago, who I am today, and who I’m becoming. This past week has made me realize the power of my own personal free will. For so long I was so lost. So far from the unique person I am inside and so lost with what to do with myself and how to act without letting other people down. I was in a dark place, confused, worried, and sad. Something shifted within me the moment I began doing yoga, taking time to breathe, as silly as that sounds, to listen to my own breathe, my mind, and to really feel and connect with my body. It was intriguing, a little weird, and I never thought I’d amount to one of those, dare I say it, “yogis”. I use to think, ‘who wants to waste time stretching anyways?’ Over time I got more curious, I met some amazing teachers who sparked a light, and I was suddenly seeking more and more yoga. Every class and teacher presented something new, the physical, the spiritual, or just the music. Whatever it was I was suddenly hooked and craved the peace and the classes. Yoga has taught me there is more to the physical, more to exercising, and more to doing what society expects you to do…. Yoga has taught me balance. Yoga has freed me. Free me form the outside obstacles and all those silly people who may not quite understand your own ideas and thoughts, or agree. Yoga, the union, the balance of the mind, the body, the soul. It’s a magical thing. Sometimes we get so lost we forget who we are, what we want to be, our values, our ideas, our dreams, and our imagination. It’s when you’re able to reach back into your space, yourself. Connect. and balance your life accordingly. It’s a magical force when you’re able to free yourself of others expectations and fully walk in your own light, your own truth. Something only you can experience for yourself.

I talk about this because I feel like I need to. Maybe it’s the Mercury out of retrograde, who knows. This lunar eclipse/ full moon was a powerful one for me. It’s a time of new endings. Coming to terms with the past six months and being able to emotionally life yourself to a happy place with whatever has happened, and to connect back to your personal power and be okay with whatever may have surfaced. I can promised you it feels amazing when you’re able to think back to an obstacle that happened, or maybe reconnect with someone who did something to you, and be able to smile and stay happy, despite whatever emotions use to trigger you. This lunar eclipse/full moon is a time to allow yourself to learn from your past and use it to gain more experience for yourself and your future. Make sense of the past, let those negative emotions flood out of you, shift your perspective and opinions, and let your heart lead you closer to what you’re seeking. This is challenging. There is always the ‘he said, she did, but…’ factor. Let that go. You cannot change other people, you can’t help them get well, and you’ll never be able to convince them to do something else or act a certain way. All that you can do is be yourself, connect with how you want to feel, what you are seeking, and what kind of people and things you want in your life. Appreciate the lessons, the teachers, and every opportunity that has inspired you to reach for something greater. Move away from allowing others to choose your thoughts or affect your way of being. Instead, let your feeling, your heart, guide you forward so you can make necessary changes.

Do what feels right for you, not for others. Allow your feelings to lead you forward in the right direction. This is a time we must thing and feel for ourselves and move away from letting others dictate how we think, act, and feel…Allow your mind and heart to be in sync…and guide you forward.

Make necessary changes now. Shift your perceptions, past stories, opinions, and old ways and habits and choose what you want to see in your life. Let any strong feelings that have surfaced come about. Let yourself rewrite that experience in a positive light. You know what you want, you know how you feel in situations and around certain people. It’s a time to connect with that feeling. Notice how you are held back, and what/who may be casting a shadow over you. Step into your light, your power. Take a stand for your principles, ground yourself with who you are, and let your feelings guide you first, the rest will fall into place later.

The moon illuminates: what emotional wounding needs our attention, what direction we want to follow, what emotions need to be expressed and what can now be released so you can move on… towards your dreams, goals, and more toward happiness.



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