New Moon, Last Moon cycle of the year, New Year ~ REBIRTH

Clarity is your natural state of being. Truth is what we all seek. Release old ways of thinking. Start a new.

The cycle ends, a new one begins. The choice is yours. The journey is yours. See your light, and carve your path…

Hello hello. Happy new moon and last two weeks of 2012! Geez. Where has the year gone? Literally.

I lag a bit upon posting, however I’ve been dealing with my own emotional tides during this huge new moon. Can you feel it? It happened on Thursday, yes after the magical 12-12-12 day and a week before the epic 12-21-12. Ha. So how are you feeling in these last new days? I love thinking of things in cycle and I love following the cycles of the planet and in nature, and realizing we are connected as a whole. It’s been an amazing journey for me to see how truly in alignment I am with what happens externally in the universe as well.

So a new moon on December 13, 2012, in the sign of Sagittarius. New moons are often symbolic of a new chapter of our lives, the end of one cycle, and a new moon flourishes, a new cycle too. This new moon is even a bigger deal than other new moons because it’s the last one of the year, of 2012, of December. It’s 2012 and a lot is happening. It’s a year of change, transitions, a year to tune into your preferences and figure out who you are and what you enjoy. So now as we end the year it’s a time to step into that place, and to be you, despite what other people may wish upon you. This new moon marks a shift. A new shift. A time to set your intention true to self, to seek your vision, to write about what you want, and make very clear what it is you are seeking and wishing for for the new cycle, which is the new year. This new moon is allows us to see beyond our current situation, perhaps ease some clarity, and end loose ends from this year. It allows us to recognize the past cycles and things that have occurred, and enhances us to move beyond those obstacles into bigger and brighter things. Notice how yo’re connected, notice the ‘random synchronises’ that have happened, see who/what has come into your life in the last few weeks, and integrate all closure during this time. Make peace with the past, cut the cords that need to be cut, and free yourself up to walk your path with your truth. Figure out what you believe in, and figure out your desires and what growth you aspire to have. Acknowledge where you’ve been and what spiritual growth and changes you’ve developed this year. Find faith in yourself, in the larger picture, notice how we are all connected, all the time. Sagittarius reflects the possibility of taking the higher road, having a bigger vision, being in touch with what gives our lives meaning and purpose…

What doors are opening for you? What realizations? What has come up and what may the mean? What makes your heart sings? What brings you passion? What can you let go of to move forward with peace and joy? Where can you take action to move forward? What are your dreams? be your archer now. Stand tall in yourself, your body, your vision. Revisit your goals, plant new seeds, and make necessary changes to transpire and open channels and gateways for the new year and new cycle. This year 2012 has been nuts, so much has happened and you take those experiences, those pieces and lessons you need. Rise above limitations and expand your beliefs to AIM HIGH for your future. Hold your truth and honesty within you self. Then take your bow, draw it back, filled with your love and light, and shoot the arrow off into the universe. Make wish, set your intention, and then continue to build upon your faith and restore your optimisms. We are connected, we are a part of an integral universe, and we all can commit to take the reins into our own arms and follow the direction of our hearts. Fly your arrow high out, to the unknown and beyond, ask the questions, seek the answers, and trust in the magic. The archer is seeking for meaning and experience, and wants to define the purpose of existence. Forgive you past, and start a new commitment to yourself to shoot your arrow towards your truth and knowledge and continue a quest for your own expansion forward as we begin the next lap around the sun. Set the tone. Seek your victory lap. As the moon grows, so will you, your light will expand, and brighten your life and your beliefs.

“Every year, the New Moon of Sagittarius encourages you to lift your eyes from your path and consider where you have come from, to look back upon what you have so far encountered in your yearly journey…And, to try to look out to that farther horizon to see where you might be going. But most importantly, it is there to encourage you to seek to understand the “Why” of it all…how and why you are here? This is what you feel moving through your soul when you walk in the time of Sagittarius. You need to find that most elusive prize, that long-sought treasure…the meaning to your life, the purpose behind Creation, behind all this phenomena you know as your everyday life….You stand upon their efforts as you seek to understand the where and what of your world…as you move inward and outward, deeper and higher, closer and closer to the Greater Understanding.” [Bill Attride]

This moon powerful, because its the last of the year, it’s also closest to Earth, and the awakener planet- Uranus – finally turns direct. Yes, let’s talk about crazy energies this week as we end the year. It’s been in retrograde since July and Uranus is not ready to dance, to move forward, and allow yourself to move on as well. I laugh about what happened in my life in June, things that may have been put on pause and that may have resurfaced recently. New moons are usually soft, not too much felt, but this one has a lot going on. I’ve personally been emotional, upset, and felt a sense of purging as I shed layers and this year to step forward with ease into my life and my vision.
Sagittarius is a philosopher seeking the truth about life and in so doing opens up question upon question. The Archer of the zodiac is often pictured with arrow pointed high, aiming for the highest knowledge available. This sign is pulled to explore the world in an endless quest to understand what he has learned. Naturally Sagittarius is gregarious (sometimes to a fault!), and full of enthusiasm for life. Giant Jupiter is the ruler of this sign, colourful and hard to miss! They seek out like minds and enlightened minds, sacrificing emotional bonds if necessary in their search for the truth. Yet they are open to everyone, valuing friends who walk the path beside them a while before they are off on their next adventure. As a mutable fire sign, change inspires them. Sagittarius is priest, dreamer and rover.

Sagittarius, a fiery, enthusiastic and optimistic seeker of truth and knowledge shoots an arrow far over the horizon questing for an expansive perspective. That Archer is searching for experience and meaning and the philosophic purpose of our existence. There’s gypsy in the Sag blood as they explore and travel the globe while opening their veins to foreign cultures, ideas, and peoples. The Sag ruler, Jupiter, largest of the planets, expands everything with which it comes in contact engaging with confidence and generosity. With Jupiter in Gemini since June, we’re spinning pretty fast on the mental planes, with a tendency to be overbooked and rushed with limited down time. Jupiter in Gemini for a year is expanding our abilities to acclimate to a quicker pace. Ideas come quickly, but focus is at a premium and harder to come by. Make something tangible happen in your life that brings in strong positive energy that expands your life in some significant way. Travel-good; study-good, especially metaphysical/spiritual subjects.

In this New Moon chart and also in the Winter Solstice chart of December 21 is a configuration made up of Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception strengthening both of their expressions – Saturn contributing serious discipline and the will to focus and accomplish on the physical plane and Pluto demanding deep transformation of our institutionalized values, our laws/rules created by greed and domination, and our antiquated views of what produces status, authority, and leadership. Both of these heavies (Saturn and Pluto) are pointed at our chart ruler, Jupiter, and forming a ‘Finger of God’ or Yod configuration. We saw this ‘Finger of God’ in the last chart with Venus at the apex; now it’s Jupiter’s turn to be the focal point for a strong influx of energy. The message is: you must know what you want to expand and reach toward. What do you stand for? What is the meaning and purpose of your life and how can you best bring that to those around you? That’s why New Moon and Winter Solstice are such important points because they carry the energy of forgiving the past and starting anew with renewed commitment. [Read more here]

Sagittarius paints with a broad brush, seeking big answers and absolute truths. We lose sight of details in this philosophical Fire sign when we are blind to nuance and intolerant of criticism. This is why optimistic and farseeing Sagittarius can also cripple us with prejudice and generalities that limit rather than expand vision. It’s not easy to keep an open mind under pressure. Personal and collective stresses can shut down reason, dampen dialogue and diminish desire for compromise. Compassion also can be lost when self-righteous beliefs are not to be questioned. Balancing belief with compassion makes us wiser and less judgmental.

This New Moon in expansive Sagittarius is an opportunity to open hearts and minds in spite of our fears. It takes a willingness to feel foolish, to be wrong and to admit our mistakes. It also takes a generosity of spirit that allows acceptance and understanding for those who don’t share our beliefs and values. When we’re willing to cross the threshold of our judgments there are new worlds beyond them that reveal the outline of a more inclusive future… The journey from darkness into light… But then sometimes our emotions trump our ideals. Venus, the planet of love and self-worth, is in Scorpio and close to the Moon’s North Node this week. Their connection reflects the need to face uncomfortable relationships… There is a point to this contrast between the enthusiastic Sagittarius New Moon and Venus and the North Node in skeptical Scorpio. It is that the optimism and vision of this Sun-Moon conjunction that requires the fuel of our less noble natures to achieve its lofty goals. Engaging the fearful issues we do not want to face now may be what it takes to launch ourselves into a brighter future. Descending into our shadowy places is not a lasting retreat from higher aspirations, but it is a necessary step backward that is needed before moving forward again. It is a journey from darkness to light. [Jeff Jawer, Astrologer]

“From the Sun out to Saturn, from your pure potential of Being out to your most Crystallized Forms of Substantiation, your journey of self-realization unfolds by those patterns that have been set in motion, laid down by you and your fellow companions, governed, guided and circumscribed by that master principle of Cause and Effect. It is by this, in The Law of Karma, that Creation unfolds as a Dance of Energies and Forms that ensures your steady development as you learn through experience to take your proper place as the self-aware, conscious Creator of your Life.” [Bill Attride]

Words of thought around this time:

Freedom, adventure, preacher, teacher, mentor, quest, journey, search for meaning, search for truth, honesty, philosophy, wisdom, ideals, the student, the citizen of the world, fiery, optimistic, joyful, Pollyanna, the higher mind, higher education, world travel, traveler, instincts, intuition, the hypocrite, the high priest, the missionary, belief in faith, hope and love, expanding the horizons, expanding knowledge, higher purpose, religion, morality, law and legal issues, justice, prejudices, self-righteousness



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