We Survived 12-21-12! Happy New Year, New Cycle, & New Era

Happy first day of the new world… Magical 12-22-12! A time of more spiritual growth, a time to let go of past limits, attitudes, beliefs, and a time to journey forward into who you are, what you want, and what you seek and dream…. A time to be YOU, accept YOU, and LOVE YOU!

“This solar knowledge is written in the stars and carried to sentient planets by their suns. Celebrating the winter solstice honors the mysteries of the Universe, including how we came to be, why we are here, and what purpose we have come to fulfill. The sun symbolizes our hope for a new year or a new age. It speaks of the light that has come to saves us from our own darkness and fear of separation.” [Pepper Lewis]

The winter solstice was yesterday, the darkest day, longest night, least sunshine… moving forward now the sun will shine more, the daylight will get longer, and light will beam more brighter, physically and spiritually. The sun stands still for three days during the solstice. To me this symbolizes how we need to balance our own lives, to calm, to quiet, and to be still. It’s a time to connect, whatever that means for you, and to connect with you. Give yourself time to chill, to mediate, to sleep/nap, and enjoy the peace. It’s time to celebrate the end of this year, this cycle, and to honor and celebrate sun, in it’s next victorious lap, and all the light that is coming, to the universe and into you and your life. A time to find compassion, joy, happiness, and love for yourself and everything around you.https://i1.wp.com/www.angeliska.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/wintersolstice.jpg

Remember, to find lightness, sometime we have to step through the dark, find our courage, our feet, and move forward and journey towards the light…

Some ideas I found profound about the Winter Solstice and the meaning behind:

“December 2012 is notable because the winter solstice will be harmonizing with the galactic center at that time, which falls in 6 degrees of Sagittarius in a zodiacal constellation known as Mula. The Sun will be at 6 degrees Sagittarius on the 21st December 2012. Mula is a constellation ruled by Kali and Kali is the goddess of death and transformation, so there is a major ending of some kind on that date. Mula is also connected to a god called Ganesha who rules new beginnings, so it is also heralds a new beginning. It means that the galactic center can affect humanity, and the Sun traditionally rules the soul, it is our link to the godforce. The Mayans were recording the end of a long precessional cycle of 25, 800 years and ended the cycle on December 2012. There are a lot of predictions about calamities and upheavals preceding that time, which is already happening, but I think the ending of the precessional cycle marks a subtle inner transformation, a doorway to a heightened consciousness in those who are seeking that… Some say it is the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius, because we have been in the Age of Pisces for the last 2000 years. The Age of Pisces was about faith and the Age of Aquarius is about knowing. So we no longer require faith to connect to the divine, we will know we are connected because of the progress in sciences. It is a good time for a renaissance in Astrology and Vedic sciences in general. Saturn and Mars are exalted on December 2012 which brings in a more pragmatic and realist way of thinking.” [Veno Reia]

2012 was to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole. [Rhonda Smith]

“Kali, Indian Goddess of both destruction, violence & darkness and birth, cleansing & renewal will be our hostess of 12/12 portal.  Her gifts will be available in full force right through to the Solstice 12/21 as she bequeaths her powers unto you.  She says, “Go now- destroy all areas of your life that are being held captive by the Trickster energy” (Tarot Card Major Arcana #15 ):  stagnant, heavy, draining, or abusive energies.  Release this dead wood to the cosmos for renewal.  Allow gentle Mother Kali to help you birth a new day! …In the Hindu religion, we are in the “Age of Kali”. ”The Age of Kali is the natural ending of the world in the fourth age.  It is one of a series of changes, each of which marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another creation (Dee Finney) cycle. ” [Click here to read more]

“So in this time of transition from the old year into the Winter of the new, take a moment to note what has left your life the past year, thus creating space for that which is more appropriate to your evolution and wellbeing. And if you feel like doing a Solstice ritual, whether this one or another, open to your greatest good and highest possibility of happiness, and you just may find a measure of that in the coming year.” [Robert Wilkinson]

“This Solstice time is a powerful time for you to heal..for you to shift into a greater alignment with the All…where LOVE can be experienced in your heart more permanently.  Place your intentions of change into your life.  Make decisions that will help you and your family to grow in love.  Know that you can be safe and sound in this….  The world is not going to end..but it will certainly look different.  We can all benefit from each and every Soul…entering into a 24 hour time of spiritual retreat..start on Thursday evening and carry it on through into the evening of the Friday.  All that Light…All that Love..will be poured into the collective whole…and join with the incoming Divine energies offered to each of us at this very special time of our lives.  We have waited a long time for this….let’s use this time effectively.”


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