Final Full Moon of 2012

Friday December 28 ~ Full Moon in Cancer ~ Things End. Things Begin.

“This full moon provides ample stimulus for reflecting on 2012 and projecting ourselves into the New Year.  We are getting ready to say goodbye to a year that has been famous:  2012, the year the Maya calendar came to an end.  From all the drama we have learned about powerful cycles in our solar system, about our connection with the galactic center and about the brilliance of Maya astronomers. ” [Linda Sprague]

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu

Illuminating point in areas of lives that are coming to a close since the year is coming to the end. Time to balance wants (career, dreams) with needs, nurture). Perhaps a time that will show our past, past things that need to come to closure. Lots of energies with this full moon around the past and what happened before. It can be very emotional, depending on your sign, and what’s happening with you. It’s a time to look at your inner world to help create your outer world, begin to see the real truth, even with the past, and begin to see things as they are, rather than how you perceive.

Lots of energy emerging around the heart and love. Allowing you to get a better idea of what you want, what you enjoy, and who you enjoy. Following your heart always invokes clarity and more happiness. Be mindful of how you feel, what brings you joy, and what you may need to leave behind to be happier. Cancer sign often shows up in the stomach, so check in with how you feel, your body, and begin to question why. The stomach also is the emotional storage house for many, things get stuck there. How can you be unstuck? What may be out of balance from the past? What habits may need to change? It’s a time to feel good in your body, in yourself, in who you are and what you love and enjoy. Purge what no longer serves you, especially linked to the past, and understand your perceptions may not be what actually happened. See your truth, see the past, and step forward  by being more in tune with yourself.

“We need to uproot the places that are stagnant, old, and stuck (or they will be uprooted for us–and that may be worse than doing it ourselves!) If we’ve found security in an old world, an old system, or an old relationship, its time to let it go and find our security where it actually rests. Our heart, is a doorway to every resource and knowing we could ever need. We have a medicine chest, a psychic, and a power-generator all in the center of our chest. If we have an unanswered question about security, home, community or where we might move, we can ask our own heart. How would you feel about this? And this? And this? What feels most free, most joyful and alive?  Move there!” [starweather]

Saturn and pluto are in textile aspect which represents truth. What is blocking you from the past? Overcome the fear, and deal with the consequences of the past, to move forward. Regain your power back and aspiration. Find accountability for your self, what’s happened, and allow your own transformation. Align your values with what they are in the past, with how you feel in the present. Notice what your passions are, your likes, your loves, and adjust the areas you need to be more satisfied. This will help attract more of what you want in your life. Write down what past family ties, have happened, release fears, emotional manipulation, and whatever else you need to release. Full moons are always time to release and let go. This full moon, being at the end of the year cycle, is especially important to be aware of what you’re thinking and what you will choose to let go of.

LET GO, this cycle ends, for a new one begins.

– Let of the need to be responsible for other peoples emotions!

– Be  YOU, despite how others feel, find your own happiness, and follow those things and people that bring you bliss

– Release the things you no longer need to hold onto

– Become aware of your feelings, your emotions, and your joy

– Get more in touch with who you were, where you’ve been, and who you are now

– Reflect on what’s happened and changed for you this year, and what with that change, has inspired you to let go of past ideas, beliefs, wants, people, jobs, etc… How have you changed and why?

– 12/21/12 was the end of the Mayan calendar and world. What did you end? What can you leave behind? What new beginnings do you seek?

Use this Full Moon, to move yourself forward. To take the lessons and things from this year, and the past, and move forward into the new cycle with awareness of who you are, what makes you happy, and what you ultimately seek and want. Tear your walls down, to create more space for love and light in your life.“The Moon and Pluto in an opposition can reveal to us where we may be either overly emotional or it will allow us the freedom to feel something on a deeper level then we are accustomed to feeling. The influence of Saturn within the context of these emotional factors tells me that whatever we are feeling, if we allow it, can set some kind of foundation for stable feelings, or stable emotions, at a later date in the future…It is a good way to end a year, it brings in the opportunity to clear out, we have a chance to let go of the old baggage, complete projects and get all our loose ends tied up. We can continue to release as much as we want over the next two weeks as the Moon moves through the full waning phase.” [Dorothy Morgan]

“If there are gaps between your true feelings, and the pressure to repress or hide them, the dam breaks at the Full Moon. This can be a shocking experience, but also lead to more emotional authenticity. A time for great growth in relationships, with raw truths exposed and integrated. And relief as a new ground settles that feels truer, without needing to pretend to feel something you don’t, or bottle things up…Reach out to those you can be real with. This is also a Full Moon of winter cozy, intimacy, family love, domestic bliss. Find new ways to self=soothe and nurture yourself. Be a loving parent to your inner child, and commit to staying present no matter what. This is a Full Moon to soften defenses, and revive the magical child with its wide-eyed wonder and vulnerability.” [Molly Hall]

“With the Sun in Capricorn, you are able to find your center. It gives you a strong footing for resolving emotional baggage and conditioned responses. This transition opens you up to seek more fulfilling relationships in 2013…. Be receptive, honor your feelings, and tune into your dreams at this time. Now matter what changes you’re experiencing, stay positive by using affirmations to transmute old patterns into new ones. Look at survival fears that are cropping up and shift your thoughts towards the “Universe supporting” all of your needs. Use this Full Moon in Cancer to find practical ways to feel more secure and emotionally stable.” [New moon Manifesting]


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