New Year, New You… Say YES!

This year rather than setting goals and those typical resolutions, I’ve decided to approach this new year in a new way. I’m learning to say YES, and am being okay to say NO. I did a ton of soul searching last year in 2012, a year of change and transformation for me. I’ve lost friends, changed careers, changes beliefs, shifted habits, picked up new skills, and reunited with me. The best thing I’ve learned is to trust myself, my intuition, and trust how I feel and what I know I want. I’ve learned to stop caring what other people think about me, to stop listening to the outside influences about what I should be doing, or who I should be. Instead, I’ve spent much of 2012 learning to be ME. I’ve enjoyed doing what I want everyday, seeking out new jobs/careers, and learning more about things that inspire me. I’ve discovered things that I dont like, things that don’t serve me, and I’ve gained more clarity about who I am and what I want. It’s amazing what happens when you let the other people and things fall away, and when you trust that by doing what you enjoy, by uplifting yourself with things that feel good, you’re able to transform yourself entirely. No longer am I held back in the fear and confusion of what’s best for me, and getting dragged down when others voice their thoughts about me. I simply dont care how they express their thoughts for me. That’s them, not me.

So this year, 2013, I’m saying YES. I am believing in myself, and seeking happiness. Nothing else matters to me, beyond me feeling good. This year I’m saying YES when things/people/experiences feel good to me, Enjoying them, savoring, and loving. If it feels wrong, out of place, or makes me feel bad and uneasy, then I say No, move on, and seek out more of the YES. It feels good to me to say yes. It feels good to do what I enjoy. It feels good to be me, to journey through life happy, and to be aware of my feelings and their guidance. And so 2013, I say YES…

Too much of the new year is always focused on what’s wrong, what needs to change, and what you need to do to resolve because it’s a new year. I think that’s silly. Why not set a resolution to be happy? To be more joyous? To do more of what you enjoy? Why fixate on losing weight, or telling yourself you must shed those pounds? Why not set an intention to eat food that taste and feel good to eat, to nourish your body well, and to know that by doing so you body will naturally transform when you choose to love, love it, love what you eat, and beware of those feelings.

There’s magic in trusting the body, the body mind connection, and in trusting yourself. So, this year, BE YOU. Set goals to do more of what you like, and seek out your passions, and reconnect with hobbies and things that make you smile. Keep relationships that inspire you. And be okay when things do go as planned. The No’s come in to help navigate you more toward the Yes, so you know what you enjoy, and what to really say YES to.

This year I choose to be Me and to accept and be okay with ME. I choose to follow my bliss and enjoy life. I choose to surround myself with love and happiness. I choose to keep the people around that make me smile and bring love to my life. I choose to be okay when relationships dwindle and people seek out their own path, not in line with mine. I choose to be okay with career and what I am doing, because I trust that by following my passions more opportunities will come. I choose to accept change as it comes, and to keep saying YES. I choose to believe in my body, my emotions, my health, and working everyday to listen, to improve, and to lead a good life. I choose to believe I was brought onto this planet for a reason. I choose to accept who I was born to be, to accept who I was, and to accept who I am today, and will be in the future. I am okay when people dont understand me, I hear other people’s opinions about what I’m doing, but I choose to filter those thoughts through and only keep the thoughts important, my own. I choose to be the

navigator of my ship, to sail through the ocean of life, with tremendous happiness, everlasting sunny days, and know clear skies

are always ahead. I choose Yes. I choose Me. I choose living and loving myself. That is my intention, that is my resolution, that is more than a goal. 


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