Nice New Moon for the New Year ~ First in 2013!

Happy new moon! Happy new beginnings! Happy new goals, new visions, new intentions!

Here is what I’ve gathered about the new moon tomorrow. I’m personally so excited. I’ve began to set intentions and visions for the new year, and with this new moon, new chapter, I’m ready to make them more concrete. This is the goal setting new moon, the first in 2013, first since the solstice, and since the ‘shift’ after 12/21/12. Exciting!! Bonus energy as many planets all align in Capricorn: the sun, the moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and Juno. It’s a golden time to take responsibility for your life, set your vision, restructure your life, and take charge! Get organized, pay attention to matters, look at what’s in front of you, and begin to set the tone with more clarity. New moons are new beginnings, and since this is the first of the year, a perfect time to resurrect who you are, and to be your authentic self. This is your clean slate, start to build your foundation, or what I’ve been speaking about in my yoga classes, you have the blank canvas, now fill the white space with whatever mediums and beauty you choose. Set your goals.. what are you motivations? What do you seek? Stay practical, realistic, but me true and authentic to you, your wants, and what you seek.

“The Capricorn New Moon sets the stage for the next thirty day cycle.  This is an excellent New Moon to energize ourselves for the weeks and months ahead.  We can create a strong personal foundation in Capricorn and achieve our goals.   We are to use our power wisely. Be a conscious creator.”

Write down your goals for this year. Create your future. The canvas is blank, so begin to imagine what your vision is and start creating it. Be open for new opportunities, and allow yourself the ability to recognize them. It’s a time to set goals, and get to work on how to proceed forward with what you want.

New moon phase suggests a new beginning feeling and with it being the first New Moon in the New Year, it is extra important to direct the energies in a constructive way. With a step at a time patient and committed we can attain the goal and reach to the top of the symbolic mountain. Capricorn is also the sign of initiation and attainment on a Spiritual level. It is that of self-mastery. Perhaps one possibility is that each must demonstrate a new level of maturity and self-mastery now that we have a new clean slate upon which to build a solid foundation for the year ahead.” [Dipali Desai]

Capricorn the sign & new moon
The sign of social responsibility. Build your foundations in the outside world. What mark will you
make? What will you contribute? Where is your foundation? Capricorn describes the need to define your social territory, to find
security within your social level. Its house describes where you are territory-conscious, where you
need to feel secure. Here, you need respect, recognition, and approval from the outside world. The
responsibilities and limitations encountered in this area of your life involve finding a responsible
social place and establishing security within it. The challenge for this house in your chart is
perseverance and hard work. While things may not come easily here, efforts will be rewarded, if your
energies are channeled constructively. Patience is necessary, if one path is blocked, find another. Practicality, logic, and security. Use these qualities to your advantage.

Element: Earth
Ruled by Saturn
Associated Body Parts: Bones, Joints, Knees, Skin and Teeth 
Rules Matters concerning Ambition, Authority, Business, Career, Desire, Drive, Goals, Reputation, Responsibility

I think this summary sums up a lot about how I’ve been feeling, and what i need to do for this new moon–

“The ebb and flow of the Life Force energy, as expressed by the Moon’s journey around the Earth, is asking for your participation. That the Moon renews herself every month is an example for each of us to follow. That she waxes and wanes, pulling the tides and our hearts, is a gift. It’s one of the ways that we know we are accepted and supported in our own karmic outworkings. There is an interactive relationship with the Field that we’re here to learn. It IS what this shift is about – it’s our relationship with energy. We ebb and flow, and the Moon teaches us how. So I ask you to consider this symbol for the degree in which this New Moon occurs. It is “The giving up of a famous magical sword,” from John Sandbach’s Pleiadian series. Most of us have a series of unconscious maneuvers we sink into when we find ourselves in an energetic bind. Busy-ness, drinking, shopping, trying to find someone else who has the answer, etc. Each of us has ways to escape from the density of how we feel. These are the sword we’re wanting to let go – because eventually, again, we’ll become aware of the patterns. Finding ourselves in old territory can seem like failure.

Empirically, through historical evidence, we know what we know. Intuitively, we know there is something far greater that is possible now. This New Moon is an opportunity to drop our guard so that we can be open to what can be. It is an opportunity to move beyond the accumulated historical perspective of having fallen short. What is life like when you put down your sword, your method, your mind? All that has been accumulated by your history?” [Jon Waldrup]

That closure will, like a New Moon, represent a beginning mindful of the past, in this case the immediate past.In his podcast yesterday, Eric averred that Juno is “all about the inability to express needs.” If you are wondering what part of the past you should be mindful of tomorrow, let that be a clue. Juno’s transit to conjoin the position it occupied when Pluto committed to Capricorn connects the New Moon to the new year, the new season, and you. It is therefore an appropriate time for you to undertake a new beginning by actively seeking to be mindful of needs long unexpressed, adding their heretofore invisible emotional component to your own consciousness. What’s more, it is also an auspicious time for you to realize that it will be easier to breathe during Pluto’s rarefied traverse of Capricorn if you can find a way to get those needs off your chest in a way that enhances your connection with other people. Finding such acceptance begins with accepting yourself, needs and all. Just like tomorrow’s New Moon, you have a past. It is something you have participated in creating, and it has contributed to what you are. To accept everything you have experienced is to accept yourself. Indeed, self-acceptance may be one unexpressed need we all have in common, pulling all of us at once into a new cycle for humanity. Accepting yourself is the important first step. Unless you do so, you cannot move forward in a coherent manner. If you do so, others will recognize it, seeing their needs in yours, making it safer you to express them, moving all of us forward together. This is not the stuff of fraud or fantasy. It is not speculation. It is real. It can be done. You can participate. Tomorrow’s New Moon will be an excellent time to begin.” [Len Wallick]

No expectations, no attachments, let go of you how think things should pan out… Seek out opportunities as they come, and enjoy and appreciate the unexpected

“Capricorn is associated with the mountain goat.  Similar to the goat that makes it to the top of the mountain, Capricorn energy reminds us of the structure and discipline that it takes to reach our goals.  Nothing is impossible to the Capricorn because the Capricorn accepts and trusts that structures that will help it to achieve…Structure that comes from the soul challenges us to rise above what we think is possible about ourselves.  Very often in life, we begin to believe ideas about ourselves that become limiting and excuses to not try to achieve or grow.  When we say, “I am just not good at music” or “I can’t lose weight”, we are making a decision that we cannot and will not change, and we are most often looking at structure and denying how structure might be able to help us.”


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