New Moon in Aquarius

What a special new moon, in the sign of Aquarius! The sun is also in Aquarius the same day! Double Aquarius energy! It’s the second new moon of the year, which on the Chinese calendar, marks the real start of the new year based on the soli lunar cycle. New beginnings, new year, a new you! The new moon, a time to reset and actively manifest your thoughts and vision for the future. To plant seeds now that will grow until the next new moon. The last new moon in Capricorn was all about foundation and organizing for your goals. This moon is focused on the bigger picture to help you gain bigger and brighter insights.

Many Aquarius are helpers and givers. They care about humanity and look at the bigger picture. This is a time to look at things in a new way, and to brainstorm whats not only best for you, but for the collective whole. Think to move yourself forward into the future and your unique vision. Innovate yourself. Tap into spirituality, let go of limitations, and be true to yourself to allow yourself to walk your path, speak your truth, and follow your mission and purpose.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Aquarius are unique, they walk to their own drum beat, they freely guide themselves. They are leaders. They take chances, risks, and engage in ways that call to them. Dare to be bold and different! Take this energy to discover and redefine YOU. Get to know yourself, who are you? What are your unique gifts? What are your talents? What inspires you?  Begin to taste your own magnificence, embrace your uniqueness, and share your love.

Aquarius is also the water bearer. A time to purify yourself, to cleanse of the old, and to pour out that which no longer serves you and your individuality.

  • Choose your friendships, and be open to new people and relationships. Begin to spread your wings and mingle with new like minded people and groups. Let those that have drifted away go, and consider new people you want to keep around longer & for a life time.
  • Expand and clarify your vision for the future
  • Think outside the box, shoot for the stars, and jump over the moon!

Use innovation & inspiration to elevate your life

“Aquarius is an air element. It functions in the mental realm, working with both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain helps you choose which ideas to focus on to maximize your intentions. While tapping into the vast creativity of the right side of the brain, inspires you to think outside of the box, and reach beyond the box, shooting for the stars. Allow radical thinking and innovative genius ideas to flow with this New Moon.On the flip side, with the Aquarius energy you could feel flighty and unable to focus. Find ways to anchor the lower three chakras, while still exploring unconventional avenues for your goals.” [New moon manifesting]

“Aquarius asks for us to embody who we truly are…Aquarius teaches us to be proud of our uniqueness, originality and diversity. You are irreplaceable. You are the one you have been waiting for. You have come to change the world. Be the change you want to see. Where are you being called to make a difference? Are you ready to manifest your hopes and wishes? What are you resisting? We can acknowledge our fear and hesitancy. A life strategy for fear and hesitancy is to breathe deep, ground and center ourselves. Feel what it would be like to have what you are dreaming.  When we feel our alignment with what we are manifesting. We then take that leap of faith into our new direction. Risk brings reward. It is better to try and fail than to live an unexpressed life.” [Kelly Rosano]

“Aquarian energies are also influenced by Uranus. This is the planet of surprise and imagination. It provides inspiration, invention, brainstorming and creative genius. New and exciting thoughts are likely to enter your mind throughout this transit. There will be plenty of mental electricity flying through the air! Finally, use the energies of this New Moon to actively manifest your thoughts and desires. Take a new twist on your manifestations by visualizing them as electric current running through the universe. Shake up any routines you may have when it comes to your affirmations and mantras.” []

“This New Moon in Aquarius is idealizing, relational, generalizing, and will show us how to make progress within simpler, more comfortable circumstances. Figure out who your friend are or aren’t, be thoughtful and intuitive in playing it somewhat conservatively, and find “unusual good luck” by putting together a bigger picture as you search for the deeper meaning of the mystery that presents itself to you. This is a time of emotional revelation for many, and these revelations will sprout wings and take flight in July and August 2013. This time will open up new vision, new depth-understanding, new connections, and new relationships. There is much “soft power” available for those who are following through on playing the plan they implemented last month, but keep in mind that with Saturn in Scorpio, we’re still in a long term elimination-regeneration phase of our lives and work. Saturn continues to set up situations where we’ll all be introduced into more complex, intense, and/or deep relationships. The next 4 weeks will continue our process of going deeper into the vision glimpsed the last two New Moons, and help us understand through practical efforts who we’re related to spiritually, and who understands us (and who doesn’t!)” [Robert Wilkinson]


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