Tune In ~ To What You Feel & What You Ultimatley Seek

Be aware of what you feel. What you seek. Trust it will unfold better than you imagine.

After a heavy and deep full moon a week or so ago, a lot has shifted for me energetically, physically, and emotionally. I’ve had many ah-ha moments recently and so many tests. I watched and became aware as issues from the past resurfaced, and watched as I got more clarity around obstacles and places I held fears and uneasy emotions toward. I took time to feel, to be emotional, to grieve, and let the tears pour out. I sat in stillness and a non reactive place. I spoke my truth and said what I needed in the moment with ease. So interesting what you can learn with some reflection!I was in a place where I felt like things were all coming together as I had hoped. Then some silly contrast and opposition showed up that surprised me. Sometimes you just need to sit back, feel, watch, and learn as life shifts and the universe begins to spark more clarity by what it brings…

This week I’m practicing surrendering. Surrendering to spirit, and connecting back to that harmonious ebb and flow. Relaxing. Letting things come about exactly as they should… Fear less, feel more, stay content, open, and trust in the divine magic that unfolds… The one thing I am certain about is who I am and what I believe. When I allow myself to be me, to feel good, and to act in ways that align with what I truly want, I know the universe will provide everything, and more in, ways beyond what I imagine.


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