2013 Spring Equinox


Celebrate Your Radiance, Renewal, & Rebirth!


Spring has sprung! Well almost, on Wednesday March 20, 2013 the Spring Equinox occurs, which officially marks the first day of Spring! This is the day when the daylight hours are even to the night hours; time to rebalance your life, yourself, and your personal intentions. The spring is a time to plant seeds, establish new ways of being, and leave behind old worn out patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. Around this time of season, do some spring cleaning internally and externally to brighten your world and beautify your life. The equinox marks the first day of the astrological year, symbolic as a rebirth for you and a time to transform your reality to exactly how you want it to be.  Despite whatever dark times and challenges the Winter season brought, Spring is an opportunity to light your own flame, follow your bliss, reestablish your intentions, and flourish forward. Reflect on the past, learn, and remember what you truly want and seek, and allow that to fuel your intention and motives.


This new astrological year is your opportunity to start fresh. Winter season has helped show us what we want, what we don’t want, and who we have come to be now. The dark areas, confusing shadows, and emotions help lay the foundation for the Spring season, as we navigate more towards what we ultimately seek. Winter is a time to detach, detox, and declutter loose uneasy ends and situations. Clear up your past, so you can leap forward for the future. Winter you rejuvenate yourself, rest, restore, reflect, and reexamine what you need to let go off. Shed what needs to be shed, clear patterns, and cleanse yourself. This week and next are also excellent times to cleanse, eat well, nourish your body with healthy nutrients, and detox from past junk. Breathe easy, and breathe fully, and listen to what your body needs for this cycle and energetic shift.


This Wednesday Spring begins to blossom. How have you prepared? What have you learned with winter and any dark aspects that may have surfaced? It’s time to stop clinging to your past reality. To open your eyes and see the beauty and greatness in each moment, and to be more open to your truth and your passions. Use the tools you have accumulated during the reflective winter season to help you navigate in the best direction to move forward. Convert any dark negativities or limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. Instead of hiding, doubting, and fearing, convert your assumptions to a higher state. Embrace what is, what you enjoy, and what feels right. Let your mind rest and stop chatting, and allow your own inner being to be expressed and felt.


As the Winter darkness ends, we Spring forward with new hopes, new desires, new dreams, and new attitudes. Reset on Wednesday, the biannual day of the year when the sun shines equally to the dark night. Restore yourself before Wednesday so you can find balance and prepare to harmoniously transform during this next new cycle and season. Set your intentions, notice the shifts, and identify what you actually want and are driven towards. Nurture your body like you would prepare your soil, then connect your thoughts and goals together and create your seeds. Use your intention to water your mind, body, and spirit, daily with positive mantras and thoughts to help those seeds bud and blossom. Keep trusting and visualizing your own bright colors flourishing and your own self growing uniquely in your own expression. Remember to feel the light pouring in and around you as your brighten and expand. Revel in your own magnificence and radiate your beauty and watch as you transform and grow your own garden, weeding out those things that you no longer want to grow in your pot. As this new year begins relax and find ease as you blossom fuller in your best vibration starting in Spring. Happy new [astrological] year!


You must remember that this is a new cycle, a new beginning, and a fresh new start. Be patient with your seeds. Nurture yourself, your sanctuary, and keep uplifting you own spirits with positivity. Trust your garden will grow, brighter and bigger than you ever imagined. Surround yourself in nature and take time to find some peace in a nice walk outdoors, or sit and meditate with some fresh air. Now is when we transform together. We connect deeper and with our new selves and we breathe easy as we begin a new beginning for us all. Recognize illusions of your past. Shed those people and things that have hindered yoIMG_2473ur growth. Start to rewrite your stories and rewire your brain. Let the past programs halt. Embrace the magic in the new season and this new vibrant energy. Change your perceptions, release your limitations, and set goals to expand beyond what you think is possible. Be excited. Feel the love all around you, find compassion for yourself, and with courage, Spring forward. Make a new beginning for you, with your mind, by listening to your body, and my letting spirit flow easily through you. Celebrate your radiance, renewal, and rebirth!

Radiate. Renew. Redefine. Regrow. Remember…




















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