Full Moon in Libra ~ March 27 2013

“The Libra Full Moon on March 27 could be the most intense and significant Full Moon in 2013. The winds of change are blowing strong at the Libra Full Moon.  This Full Moon is action packed…

♦ What do you need to release and let go of?   ♦ What is complete for you?

♦ What new insights and visions did you receive at the Pisces New Moon?”

 ”The Libra Full Moon triggers the powerful life-changing Pluto/Uranus square. We need to practice conscious awareness in our lives. Be awake in what we are choosing and doing. Change is the only constant in transitional 2013….We want to be open and flexible to what is being asked of us. Being controlling and/or rigid will not bring us what we want. Make friends with change…We are the masters of our destiny. We are the empowered ones…” [Kelly Rosano]

“Any Full Moon represent and inner struggle with the conscious Sun opposition the subconscious Moon. This one is a real battle. Our feelings and intuition from the Libra Moon are in conflict with that pile up of stuff in Aries. The aim is to achieve justice, a fair go in love relationships.” [Astrology King]

Wednesday we have a nice full moon in the sign of Libra that highlights relationships…letting some go and allowing new ones in. Libra’s are social people, they enjoy the company of others, and value partnerships and relationships. Every full moon is symbolic as a delicate ending since there are always two signs in opposition. This full moon Libra will be opposing the Aries sun. Aries are leaderships, dictated by their own ways, they have a ton of energy and much drive and usually pursue their ideals. A fire sign, the are eager to get things done and eager to know. Thus, this full moon is about balancing the opposing energies; balancing the self (Aries) with others (Libra). This correlates with all relationships: partnerships, friendships, family, etc. Libra helps show Aries how to give and receive, while Aries helps show Libra how to be independent and stand up for themselves. Ultimately, this is the time to find truth within relationships and balance, and have a fresh truthful start with relationships and as delve into the new Spring season.

This full moon will highlight issues within relationships, romantic and friendly. With the vibrant new energy of the Spring it’s a time to detach from people that no longer align with your new self. It’s a time to evaluate what you truly seek in romantic relationships, from friends, and what you ultimately want. Ask yourself, are you really actually getting what you want? Libra energy has troubles letting go, while Aries is able to move on with ease. This full moon find a balance within yourself as you identify what characteristics you want to keep around, and start to filter away from the others. Focus on you and let the relationships that come to surface help act as mirrors to reflect your real truth. Notice what you see, what version of you is reflecting, and perhaps learn where you can grow fuller and brighter. Remember it is not always them, be truthful with yourself. Are you acting and engaging with others to help your growth or hinder? Find balance as you hold on to things and allow other things to dissolve away the no longer serve their purpose.

“The new moon two weeks ago focused our energy on self love. It has been about us as independent individuals and evaluating what we need from lovers. Are they up to our standards for affection and unconditional love? Now with this Full Moon pulls on out emotional heart strings. There is an internal battle and it will manifest in our relationships. Both parties want a fair go, to be respected, loved, and have their emotional needs met….This is very difficult to resolve. The Sun so close to Venus places love above all else. Our  feelings and intuition may say one thing, but our hearts will say another. Mars and Uranus in there increases the urge to rebel and take impulsive actions. Yet it also electrifies our passionate desires and need for sexual stimulation.” [Astrology King]

Everyone will feel this full moon differently, depending on your birth chart. Be aware of how you feel starting Sunday, the four days before a full moon is when things often start to shift. See what is highlighted for you and be aware of what messages the universe may be giving you. You may feel very moody and emotional. Learn to breathe with your emotions and feel them, before taking rash actions to improve them. Let it be in the moment. There is powerful energy around this time dealing with your emotions/needs vs. your wants/desires. Remember to keep your focus on what you truly desire in your heart and let that elevate you. Maybe even begin to contemplate what you need to communicate better in your relationships, or what the other person may need too.

“This energy says “relationship showdown.” The clash between meeting your needs and meeting your partner’s needs. Keep them happy, or make yourself happy? Stand up for yourself and rock the boat, or smooth the whole thing over? It will be very difficult to keep things smooth, because Full Moons represent a culmination or ending. So this will be a buildup of energy that results in a you-or-them scenario. Adding more fun to the mix, Mars in Aries will be hit with an angry , controlling square from Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn. Ouch…Expect some waves. There’s no getting around it. But keep this in mind; what happens will be based on what’s already been building up over the past month or so. If you think about it, you probably know what’s coming.” [Ruby Slipper]

“This week we all have the opportunity to question our needs and desires a bit more deeply. To ask ourselves why we want what we want, and how that desire really took root within us in the first place. And in contemplating these questions we can begin to encounter the deeper and more enduring comfort that arises out of knowing we can pull together to meet our basic needs, to create workable communities that protect and support all their members, regardless of material status. Because there’s quite enough of everything to go around, if we all receive only what we need and pass on the excess to others.” [Sarah Varcas]

Something I’ve been focusing on in the last month as we end Winter and Spring forward is where I am putting my attention and what I am allowing to affect me. Remember to stay positive and choose to see the good in whatever surfaces or happens. Full moons can stir up many emotions and things, and even bring closure and clarity. Enjoy the ride and this next week, and trust as things unfold that it will only help propel you further forward to what you ultimately seek. Identify the relationships with what they are, find truth in the emotions, and keep peaceful as you allow love to keep shining through. Have fun with the romance and frienships that are present and be okay when close friends begin to walk down different roads and partners journey onward. Many more will come as you grow fuller and brighter with trust in the universe and love for yourself. So much love around, so much opportunity, and plenty of people to mingle and coexist with.

“We end March with the Sun in Aries challenged by Pluto. Resistance is futile with purging Pluto. We are to move from breakdown to breakthrough. We may need to make radical changes in our lives. Where ever things are not working well. Keep the faith and trust that a new and better life will replace the old.”


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