April 10: First New Moon of the Astro Year

From Pisces ~ To Aries ~ Fire. Passion. Drive. Newness. Playful.

A new cycle, a new beginning, a time to passionately drive forward with YOURSELF, your values, dreams, & Visions!

“Conscious Creators: The sizzling Aries New Moon on April 10 can feel like the real start of the astrological New Year. The Sun (will) and Moon (emotions) unite to seed our next thirty-day cycle. Aries being our first zodiac sign empowers us to be bold, courageous and blaze new trails. This New Moon holds the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and breakthroughs.  What are you creating?… The New Moon is action packed. Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are in Aries.  The fire power of this planetary combination is unstoppable. We put our passion, heart and mind into our dreams, desires and goals. Success will be experienced by those who do not allow their fear to eclipse them” [Kelly Rosano]

“This part of Pisces, nearly the end of the sign, is like the crest of the wave just before it breaks on shore. The oceanic quality of Pisces implies the untapped power of our consciousness. We are each like a wave of that ocean, a stream of will that collects momentum. When a wave breaks on a beach or shoreline, it marks a transition in the life of that wave, that collected energy that we identify as a wave is broken and dispersed, only to collect again in another form. Pisces is the sign of transition, the final sign of the twelve in the zodiac. It gives way to Aries, the first sign, the sign of beginning and initiation. Pisces gives us the gift of expansion through letting go of what may be weighing us down. It allows us to see and feel the endless possibilities that life offers, including withdrawal from the cycle of birth and death… The important message of this new Moon is that of trust and surrender. To know that what we don’t possess is shaping us just as strongly and beautifully as the nourishment that we receive daily through the life-giving properties of the Earth via the Sun. This truly is a time of new beginnings. If it is only a relatively small journey or undertaking that you may be embarking on or if you are making a decided and drastic change in your life, set your intentions and take advantage of sailing with the tide.” [Kerry Shamblin]

“This New Moon in Aries is active, quickening, one-pointed, and will jump a lot into high speed motion, so expect things to develop faster than you imagined! This is the final ‘purging of the old way,’ and opens the door to great power and concentrated doses of spiritual energy. Finding an intuitive, forgiving, and/or compassionate view, understanding, or way of coordinating events is crucial in knowing what to do and when…. Due to the on-going Pisces energies, we continue to close out the end of the end and are in the direct experience of recent beginnings being powered up in very dynamic ways. Though there will still be a sense of emotional finality or even heaviness during the next month, the more we can forgive, bless, say goodbye, and flow onward into new fields of life the better it will feel. Sometimes we just have to move on, get it on, and stay in motion since to fight the flow would be impossible.  [Robert Wilkinson]

From New Moon Manifesting:

The Aries New Moon is a time of action. It brings with it the characteristics of assertiveness, awareness, impulsiveness, exploration, and risk taking. This fiery sign shows your competitive, warrior nature.

The New Moon is a time of looking within yourself. It’s a time of new beginnings or breaking some old patterns. With the spring it’s time to prepare the garden and plant new seeds (intentions).

Aries rules the 1st House – The House of Self. With this energy you may see your inner courage it shines light on your leadership skills, your boldness, and independence. The first house also focuses on physical appearance, traits, and characteristics, and is often ego based. To make the most of your goals for this month you can also look at the specific house where the new moon falls on your astrological chart.

Aries also rules the First Chakra – Root Chakra. During this New Moon look at your self-reliance, self sufficiency, and self direction. You may feel more impulsive and assertive. Honor your instincts at this time. With this Aries New Moon there is an opportunity to break free from old pattern, let go of anger, impulsiveness, selfishness, and any issues related to fears related to survival.

Mars Aries is suitably the ram, head first, built to burst forth and plunge forward. Decisions made during this time are deliberate and self centered completely based on the healthy selfish need to take care of the self. To take steps toward your own needs ensures you only draw in those who match and support those needs.

“…for this Aries New Moon, let the sunniest picture of who you’re becoming be your guide. New Moons are a time to rein in your focus, and Aries’ specialty is directed energy toward a singular goal. A tip is to keep it simple, for now. For example, you might simply evoke the intention of ‘less fear, more love’ as a motivating force.” [Molly Hall]

“We have a pretty vibrant New Moon in Aries happening at 20 degrees on April 10th, 2013. The Sun and Moon known as luminaries, are in a team like aspect, focusing on the fiery impulse of the sign of Aries. It’s like a bubbling up of fire or passion ready to venture towards new horizons and experiences.” [Dipali Desai]

“Aries is a fire element, cardinal mode of energy. It’s quality is initiating action, being dynamic and spontaneous.  The sign of Aries loves its individuality and will go the extra mile to ensure it.  Learning more about Aries, one sees it teaches about awareness and self identity in relation to the world around it. For some people they may feel it’s time to express more of their sassy, sexy and passionate side. And other people may feel like getting things done, going out and dancing or basking in the Sun. Whatever you feel the urge to do, be spontaneous and shake up the hum drum…. The major theme of the New Moon in Aries is ‘fresh start and new beginnings.’ It is short, sweet and very daring energy sure to stimulate you in ways that may stir your passion of life and living. Dare to allow your ‘Inner Pioneer’ Archetype be guided by Soul and lead you into the exciting unknown…What are you waiting for? Seize the moment, listen and act on inner guidance now…” [Dipali Desai]


One thought on “April 10: First New Moon of the Astro Year

  1. Mars is natally in my first house, so it keeps me moving! However, the New Moon in Aries is in my 10th house, along with the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus, and I’m taking advantage of it.

    I feel like a locomotive!

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