Spring Clearing & Cleaning

Spring has Sprung!

So many shifts and changes happening for me as we drive ourselves into the new Spring season. I feel this new energy and I’m suddenly on drive mode. I feel like things are coming to an end in certain areas, I’m getting more clarity on things that have been stemming, and I’m really ready for changes and newness. I’m excited, I’m ready, and I’m open for all the opportunities that are coming.

Ways to get grounded and ready for Spring:

  1. Write our goals and intentions for yourself. Make them big goals for all year as well as little ones
  2. Cleanse your body and purify. So much accumulates from the stagnant colder winter season. Plus with all the holidays and celebrations out bodies get rather toxic. The best time to cleanse is always in the Spring. Check in with how you feel, and find a cleanse that can work for you and your needs.
  3. Mediate and take time to be in nature. Winter season we are stuck inside so much. Now with the Spring the sun is out shinning, flowers are budding, and luscious greens everywhere. Go explore a trail, walk the beach, bike, get out and enjoy the fresh air! Breathing in newness will help calm your mind with all this fiery drive energy too.
  4.  Check out the farmers markets. So many new foods in season! Fresh veggies and fruits, do explore a farmers market and experience the fresh local and organic food options not available. Treat yourself and cook a nice healthy meal too to nurture yourself.
  5. Spring cleaning, get rid of your junk. Go back into your closets identify those clothes you have not worn or thought about putting on in the past year. Be okay with throwing things away and allow yourself to create more room. Declutter, throw those possessions out, and live more simply.
  6.  Do yoga. Relax and take time for your. Breath work is great to help move energy around and rid yourself of anxieties and fears. Twists are a great to integrate into your asana practice to cleanse and get your digestive fire moving and rinse out the old.Connect back to your intentions and surrender to you.
  7.  Jump in the ocean, cleanse, wash, and become clean within yourself and your space. You’ll feel better, fresher, and clear. Watch the sunrise and set, enjoy the ocean sounds, and muse yourself with the pure rhythm and feel of nature.

For me, I’ve been a bit anxious and overwhelmed this past week with all the new shifts in my life. I spent this last weekend cleaning my place and getting rid. I went into my closet and pulled out the old clothing I never wore, those shirts that triggers emotional memories, and got rid of those pieces that I’ve been holding onto for so long just to hold them. As I cleared through old papers I kept, tax documents, notes, cards, pictures, and other somewhat irrelevant things, I sat in awe in all that I had accumulated over the years. Then I asked myself, if I’m holding onto all this stuff in my small space from the past three years, what else am I holding onto unconsicouly in my mind, my body, and soul? So much. We all hold onto things that we think bring us meaning or have some kind of value. That cd someone made for you, that framed photo of college friends, that ticket from a concert that blew you away, that shirt you paid a lot of money for, those stilettos, etc. Why do we as a society put forth so much effort into keeping and holding? My realization made me wonder, I’m still pondering actually.

Who I am in this moment is not defined but what I have or what I have held. It’s defined by who I choose to live and who I choose to be in every moment. What once seemed important and seems trivial. I’m blessed to have a closet of clothes to choose from, a nice bed to sleep in, and so many other pleasures we all take for granted that so many others do not have the privilege to have. I spent my weekend shifting, preparing myself for this new season and my new goals. I’m ready to move forward; to throw away those past memories, to pass on the things that once held value, and to gleem at the pretty new shelf and closet space.  The first step for me was setting the goals, and now I’m aligning and preparing, and breathing easy as spring blossoms and propels me forward…


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