Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. <3 Renew. Replenish. Restore


April 22, 2013

The healing starts with you…. Take your love of self, of the planet, and take action to sustain and nurture you…


Earth day helps remind us all of the divine qualities nature and Mother Earth share with us daily. We celebrate the vibrant Spring energies and celebrate the beauty that is life and how we are all connected as one. Earth day brings awareness to the wonderful planet we have that supports us and allows us to question how we can become more sustainable in our lives to grow bigger and brighter. How can we use the love we have for our planet and take more action to sustain and nurture that love within ourselves, with others, and ultimately connect together to make a change for the better?

 Recycle your Energy. Replenish Yourself. Restore. Find Renewal as you Recommit to change for yourself & others

Earth day reminds me that we are all connected. We are all made up of the same elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. We breathe the same air and just like nature shifts and transforms, so do we. Earth day allows me to tune into the natural cycles of life, to relax, and to let the journey of life be easy as I learn to connect more with my own flow and synchronicities. This Earth day I make a commitment to myself to be more green (the color of the heart chakra), more full in my heart and full of love, and to renew myself with a deeper rooted connection to my own being. I appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things all around me. I take time to enjoy nature, the new plants budding, the ocean waves, and natural gifts we take for granted. I ground myself in who I have become in this day, and hold onto the fresh roots I have laid and trust the seeds I have planted. I ground myself with trust of all that I have coming and I honor that bright light that shines within. I nurture myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit and commit to do things and keep people around that help me bud brighter and grow bigger. I choose to nurture myself and do things that will preserve all that I am. I honor self, and in doing so am able to find harmony and ease in the magical rhythm of life. I know that my connecting to the microcosm of myself, I improve society and help the bigger larger macrocosm that is my community, my country, my planet, my Earth.

 Love You. Love Your Planet. Love Your Peers. ~ Unite.

How can you aliven and enrich your own life and self this Earth day? What days do you need healing? How can you unify your own energy and connect with a deeper purpose? Use your energy this Earth day to ground yourself and contemplate what conditions mayearthday_NY need to change so you can make a bigger impact. Honor the abundance that Earth has all around us, honor the cycles and the shifts, and honor yourself for being an open vessel as you explore the landscape that is your life. Reduce negativity, doubts, and other limiting behaviors that disconnect you. Stay rooted in your truth, grounded in your vision. Make change in your routine, how you treat yourself, so you can feel better. Give yourself permission to feel and to grow. Be green, let your love filter into yourself, your cells, and into space of others so together we can all blossom brighter. Recycle the energy of the past and renew yourself on this day. Let that bright sunshine beam through you to awaken, energize, and electrify. Celebrate all that you are, all that you have, and sustain your own being. As you recommit to bettering yourself, feeling better within, we all connect together with the common goal of helping, preserving, and making a difference in our Universe. Replenish yourself, radiate, and renew yourself on April 22. Feel serenity as we strive together to sustain our planet, our mother, ourselves, and unify the greater whole together.

Enjoy the beauty that is life. All that you have and create. Sustain your energy as you connect deeper with love & appreciation for you, for others, and for the collective whole and planet.

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