Full Moon Clearing

” Saturn is involved in this Full Moon Eclipse in a gentle trine. This can keep us feeling grounded and safe as we move though the unknown. This Saturn reminds us of the power of daily practices, of simple rituals. A walk in the woods can refresh the body and soul. Though so much in our lives may be changing in a deluge of emotion and heart-opening, there is an anchor available. We don’t have to float completely out to sea. We won’t drown if we let go for a bit to explore what has true meaning. We can take the risk of swimming these waters now with the knowledge that we have the ability to come back to solid reality. The dishes will get done, the chores will get finished, our kids will get their lunch, dogs will get walked, payments will be made, etc. It’s not necessary to hang on tight. The deal is that what is supposed to change, will anyway. We can trust that what is correct for us will manifest. We can trust ourselves…This is a time to ask for what we need from the Universe. And, to make ourselves ready to receive. Receiving is actually a courageous act, as it makes us vulnerable. There are those who get a smug sense of superiority in giving to others; those people are not important right now. That syndrome is about power, and is not in alignment with what is happening energetically. Those of us who can lean into the reality that life is an ebb and flow, a perpetual act of giving and receiving, are in for the most benefit at this time. This mix of Neptunian and Saturnian energies set up just the right circumstances for lovely exchanges of care and support. Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter are also conjunct in Gemini for this Full Moon, setting the stage for generosity and good news. It’s OK to receive what is good for us into our hearts. ” [Aepril’s Astrology]

“The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse encourages you to unite your heart and head. Venus and Mercury bond at the Full Moon. You are to live from your heart. Use the power of your mind to design the life that works for you. Saturn and Neptune are forming a long-lasting trine (harmonious energy flow). Pluto is sextile (supportive relationship) to both Saturn and Neptune. Their benevolent relationship encourages us to make our dreams real and powerful.” [Kelly Rosano]

Cheers to May. What a month. For me, I’ve spent this last 30 day cycle cleansing and clearing. It feels good to be restored, refreshed, and invigorated with so much more clarity. This month I began by cleaning out my closet and getting rid of my junk and old clothes. I noticed how much I hold onto in terms of material and I was fascinated and yet sickened by those articles I kept that triggered past emotions and memories. Out with the old and in with the new. I attempted to clear out all toxin forms of matter from my living space. After evaluating my possessions I realized I’m sure I hold onto so much more in my head, my heart, and my body. I delved into a deep cleansing of two to three weeks. I juiced, I softened old habits, and I liberated myself from old patterns of foods (and especially sugars). I detoxed. I learned I dont need a substance to get charged or to be present. I can wake up feeling alive and energized in every moment. I noticed how content I could be as me and with my own power of choosing what to intake and what to do. I was not even upset when I chose to stay at home on the weekend and nurture self while others were out consuming countless calories. I was at peace. It’s amazing what comes up when you give yourself a moment. Time to reflect. To heal self. To listen. To be aware. And to realize that maybe you dont need to always feel like that, eat that, do that, or act like that. Power is in the change and the acknowledgment.

So here we are the end of May which has been a powerful cycle for me personally, however may appear like nothing to some on the outside. I’ve found contentment with past friends who choose to no longer speak to me, I’ve so happy for those that accept my new lifestyle and silly rituals. I’ve thrown out my college memories and past ways, letting go of that person years ago and that closet and life style. I’ve cleared my space in brighter modes, keeping only what fills me up now and resonates with the person I have become. I’ve also burned sage and incense. This clean up is always a process, and in every day I still find something else I can finally get rid of and toss. I’ve forgiven those people who have made me feel uneasy. I’ve thanked those men who have helped me grow in partnerships and let what was be. I’ve realized that even when someone or something feels so right, sometimes you need to cleanse and check back in with self to find the clarity.

May has taught me to disconnect so I can reconnect. It’s easy to get stuck in out ways, our patterns, our beliefs, and to get so fixated on what you think is right. We all have goals, visions, dreams, desires. Sometimes we forget that we all change, veer of course, and explore new things in the process. The intentions and visions keep shifting, and so do we. So why is it so hard to let go and accept the present moment? To find contentment when the best friend leaves your life, to be okay when that guy stops calling, to stop questioning why that job did not work out, and to stop holding onto possessions that have no virtual meaning? You can feel it in your body when you start to stop to care. To enjoy the blessings you have, the people who make you smile, the teachers who make you feel better, and the moments that elevate you. While cleaning my life out in May I’ve I’ve reunited with my passions and those things that truly matter in my life. I’ve created movement to move forward and get back in my personal flow of life. To stop backtracking and swimming into the past, and to happily fly ahead.

Energetically this has been a powerful month with three eclipses in a row. What has come? What has gone? Can you find peace in the making? Spring is the season of healing, of nurturing self, of planting intentions, to grow fuller and bigger. What have your watered and cleared and cleansed? How can you be the the person blossoms and expands in your own beauty? Connect with your flow. You are the guide, to navigate through the highs and lows of life, to feel the bends in the rivers, and to keep paddling and swimming forward with your movement… perhaps dropping things behind, feeling lighter, and moving for free…


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