The Moon Sign Diet

I was not feeling well Saturday afternoon/evening and could not figure out what the heck was going on. I did not stray from my normal foods and I had an immense pain in my lower stomach. Not normal, though I am use to feeling things in my stomach. The new moon in Gemini was Saturday morning, and while I typically feel full moons powerfully, I decided to research whether perhaps I can feel new moons as well. This is what I stumbled upon. I find it fascinating. Yes, we are all connected, to our selves, to the planets, the moon, to one another, and to the food we eat. Here is something to ponder. Read more on her Sharon Ward’s site.

Go to Sharon’s site to see the table with moon signs and proper eating associated with it!

The Moon Sign Diet

Let your Moon sign lead to way to shedding those unwanted pounds and giving you a healthier lifestyle. Forget all those other diets – use the ancient art of astrology to bring you the knowledge you really need to transform yourself.

Diets based on our Sun signs are not new news as, for many years there have been articles and books published that advise us as to which kind of food is best for us in accordance with our Sun sign.  But, if we look into astrology a little more deeply, we find that it is the Moon that is connected with the stomach and parts of the digestive system and it is this which holds the key to giving you that slim and healthy body you have always wanted.

Sharon Ward holds a special interest in medical astrology, she enjoys investigating as to how Moon signs can affect our health.
“Astrology works on the premise that when you are emotionally balanced and happy then you are physically well and healthy and vice versa.  Medical astrology holds the key to re-balancing our bodily systems and bringing to us a greater sense of health and well being. We each have a Moon sign, just as we have a Sun sign. The Moon governs the inner self and the emotions and as we often use food as a response to life’s stresses and strains, it makes sense to find out where our weaknesses lie and what types of food are best for us according to our Moon Sign.”

Most of us don’t know which sign our Moon is in. To find out what your Moon sign is go to the Moon Sign Calculator on this page and at a touch of a button you will find out! 

Once you know what your Moon sign is click on the correct tab below and this will take you to your personal Moon sign section. This. will tell you all about your inner personality, eating habits and what you can do to recreate your reality and build a happier, healthier future.




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