Summer Solstice 2013!

Happy Summer Time ~ Love is in Season ~ Let Your Light Shine Bright & Full


Summer loving I’m a have me a blast… Happy Summer Solstice and cheers to the new Summer Season! Wahoo. This new cycle and energy is all about being playful, having fun, and enjoying your life! The sun is shining high and bright, how can you shine your light bigger and fuller? The solstice is the longest day of the year for daylight. From here on out the daylight gets shorter as we delve into the second half of the year, second quarter of the Astrological year (eventually to darkness/Winter). So fill up now! Reflect on what happened the last season, last three months, and even last May/June, in the year cycle. It’s amazing what comes up when you take some time to reflect and restore you for this new cycle. It’s all connected and here we are in a new season to emerge fuller, grow bigger, and continue to cultivate intentions that serve you. Focus on what you want to bring to your life now. Spring was all about planting seeds, and watching which start to bud. You harness your energy with seeds and let your garden grow, and in the process, weed out the plants that may no longer fit. Reroot yourself now by letting go of the changes from the past, the people who may have dwindled away, and the things that have changed for you. Summer is the season of radical change! Motion forward with your seeds, your awareness of what works, and new attitude of how to harness your energy in ways to cultivate a beautiful garden for YOURself. Find and feel your new stability and begin to manifest more beauty. Just like the sun of summer, nature will support you and the universe will open when you can stand in your light and connect with this powerful sun energy to bloom. It’s the summer of love! Begin by loving yourself first. Grow full and water those things that support you and celebrate your new roots and enjoy as you plant more seeds of happiness and love. Let the passion in your heart merge with the thought in your mind to create harmony and bliss. Fine tune your reality and become inspired to follow your dreams, do your passions, and seek out those things, people, and activities that let you swell with love and fullness and new awareness. Let go of what no longer serves you, and trust your new roots. The power remains always in listening and trusting that you are the gardener, and by connecting in this new cycle with your newness, soil your own flow so you can grow up in new directions and ways. It’s self expression, it’s within you, it’s the body, it’s the mind, and it’s how you unite all this together to beautifully create your garden of vibrancy and vitality. Color your soul by expressing what you want and feeling it within, speak in a positive light, fine tune your vision, loosen expectations and feed yourself with your own essence. Trust what works for you and what no longer does. Support yourself by being ~ Big, full, passionate, vibrant, beautiful, and unique.

“Celebrate the fullness of life and take time to raise your energy to regenerate abundance  and manifest your dreams… Honor your fire within..”

“…if one lives life attuned to natural cycles of time and in this case attuned to seasonality,the summer solstice moment implies that ones awareness gets extremely finetuned and upgraded through much light and also through much information alike sun in cancer conjunct jupiter in gemini.sun-jupiter translates as an extremely sensitive intellect filled with the maximum amount of light enabled to expand beyond its normal capacity because the mind gets to *know* alot more by feeling higher wisdom behind simple 3D reality workings.sun-jupiter inconjunct moon in scorpio indicates that a very enlightened awareness makes the connection to deep mysteries and deep archetypal psychology in surprising ways sothat mind and heart reach a new level of profound understanding about emotionality and its intimate connection with the spirit world.the exact conjunction of mercurys sensitive communication and venusian love for intimacy in trine to moon signifies the truest love-story ever 🙂 (cancer-mercury in 22 cancer trine moon at 27 scorpio) and with so much going on inbetween cancer and scorpio,its for sure that feelings are more intense throughout the summertime…”

“The word “solstice” comes from the Latin terms “sol” meaning “sun” and “sistere” meaning “to stand still.” Our Summer Solstice is the day when the sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from our hemisphere and appears to stand still before it heads south again. It is the day when the tilt of our planet in its hemisphere is most inclined towards the sun. It is also the longest day and shortest night of the year. While those of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate in June, folks in the Southern half of the Earth have their Summer Solstice celebration in December. A major celestial event, the Mayans believed the Summer Solstice to be a time for spiritual initiation and change. They held special ceremonies on the solstice dates to balance the earth’s energy. The Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere this December also happens to be the same date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar. While there are many theories about the significance of the Mayan calendar end and December’s Summer Solstice, I believe that this day signifies a time when our world as we know it will change for the better, and a new consciousness will spread across the Earth. So the Summer Solstice is indeed a time for celebration and change, especially this year in 2012! Like the Mayans who were very aware of their different states of altered consciousness, you can learn to increase your own consciousness and embody your self-awareness and higher self during this enchanted time. The Summer Solstice is an ideal time for you to let go of your ego and old patterns of suppression and focus on what you wish to bring into your life. This is a time for you to invite the sun’s energy and connect with your higher self. And this is the perfect occasion for you to feel inspired, to follow your dreams, and to truly listen to your higher self.” []


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