When the Soul is Ready, the Soulmate Will Appear

This article just came to me. Magic, thank you universe. It was also published on my birthday (Feb 3) #anothersign. I thought I should share it. Something I believe we can all read, hear, and believe again and again…

Read the entire article here: … The Soulmate WILL appear

As a love and relationship psychic I am inundated with questions about soulmates. People call because they want to know how, when and where they will meet their soulmate and more specifically their romantic life partner. Really the best advice I can give is to stop searching, stop looking and stop seeking your soulmate because when the soul is ready the soulmate will appear. When your soul is really ready to have a soulmate relationship, in the form of a romantic life partner, and the lessons for personal growth and expansion that go with that karmic relationship, the door is opened for that partner to come into your life.

The best way to meet your romantic life partner is to work on yourself. When you work on yourself, either through meditation, personal growth studies, therapy and counseling, self-help books, personal growth seminars or studies, lectures, going to school or anything else that causes your soul to expand and grow, you are aligning your soul with the Divine source. When you are growing and evolving spiritually, as well as intellectually and emotionally, you are creating the space for your romantic life partner to enter. If your life is cluttered an eight-hour work week, too many social obligations, too much gym time or volunteer work you are sending the message out to the heavens that you are just too busy to work on yourself. When you are too busy grow and evolve, your life is too hectic for spiritual growth and you just don’t have the time for anyone new in your life, much less a romantic life partner to begin a soulmate relationship. De-clutter, de-stress, and focus on yourself and become whole. You cannot manifest a soulmate romantic relationship if you are incomplete, or need someone to complete you, because you will need to be solidly grounded within your being to work with the challenges a soulmate romantic relationship can bring into your life.

Regardless of what a lot of people may believe about soulmates from Hollywood and romance novels, soulmate relationships are here to teach us about life and love. More than likely unconditional loves as well as patience are two of the greatest life lessons soulmate relationships teach us. And these lessons are never easy. We may think that we are patient and able to love unconditionally, but the challenges a romantic soulmate relationship can bring will take these experiences to a new level. More than likely, after the initial period of romantic bliss and happiness, the relationship will fall apart for one reason or another. It is during those periods of disconnect from the relationship, after being so immersed in the strong karmic connection, that the growth happens. This disconnect can happen because an ex comes back into the picture, one of you gets transferred to another city, someone’s has an ill family member who needs constant care or any of many various scenarios that can cause a break in the relationship. For one, if not both of you, some of those trials and tribulations will be difficult. If a soulmate relationship is to teach you about unconditional love, they have to be. By the end of it, you might feel like you are dying without that romantic soulmate connection. Please remember the true nature of a soulmate romantic relationship is about change, transformation and becoming a better person and the evolution of your soul.

It is also important to consider that no one can predict when soulmates will meet. It is up to each individual soul as to when the connection will happen as it is not really a question of linear time. You will meet your soulmate when the souls are ready to meet, according the Divine plan, which the two of you defined within your soulmate contract. You are being brought together by fate and destiny to fulfill an agreement the two of you made, or contracted with each other, before you were born. That soulmate contract stands and you will meet in this life time in order to meet and achieve some personal goals and agendas you setup for yourself, as well as the goals and agendas of your soulmate. Can your meeting be delayed? Of course it can. One of you could exercise your free will and make a choice or life decision that could delay your meeting but there is a binding to a soulmate contract th

at indicates you will meet during this lifetime.

Your soulmate is not someone you can seek. Your soulmate is not someone who will seek you. You will probably not find your soulmate if you are looking for him (or her) scouring hundreds of on-line profiles or hanging out at the local disco.  Soulmates come together by destiny or fate. Only by stopping the search, focusing on yourself and working on yourself will your soulmate materialize. That is the fastest, surest, easiest way for your soulmate to show up in your life. Focus on you. Take a class. Do a project. Learn to dance. Take Yoga. Meditate. Take some classes. But do something that will help with your own personal growth that will be beneficial for you even if it takes longer for your soulmate to appear. Do it for the right reasons. Do it for yourself. Go through the growth. Become the person you aspire to be and then the soulmate will appear during that journey of personal transformation. And with it, will come some lessons to help you grow and evolve more toward your perfection of understanding and experiencing the giving of unconditional love.


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