There is an awakening happening. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not. A dramatic shift since December 21, 2012. The end of the world as we truly knew it. We are ascending. Some quicker than others. We are growing. We are changing. Energy is shifting, things are happening, and it’s not just because. There is a connection. How have you reacted? And who are you today? We are all one. Coexist. Connected. Living. Being. Changing the world and helping eachother come back.

Steps to help you in the Awakening Process:


Relax, breathe deeply, and truly listen to your inner guidance.
Trust that all is unfolding just as it should.
Love and honor the process, uneven as it may be.
Celebrate every step that expands your higher understanding.
Do more of that which serves you, less of that which does not.
Stretch your capacity to love and forgive all and everyone.
Before you react, take a brief moment to reflect.
Ask yourself in any situation, “What would Love do or say?”
Notice the difference between observation and judgment.
Share freely your gifts, talents, and time.
Before loving or forgiving anyone else, love and forgive yourself.





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