Divine Change ~ It’s Happening!

“As a divine change maker your role during these pivotal times is to be at the forefront of society’s changes. Your task is to master the art of consciously facing and moving through change, being the example, and showing others how to do the same. To do this, you must learn to become more comfortable with change. To be where you are right now on your spiritual path, you had to open your mind to view change in a radically different way. Compared with some other people in your circle, therefore, you likely have an easier time with some of the changes occurring now. The next step is to embrace change as though it was a true friend. That is more challenging but you are encoded to do it. You know at your core that the most progress happens in times of greatest change. Inquire within daily to discover how you can lighten up about the changes that you encounter.”

“You become disempowered when you fear change, passively resist change, or actively fight change. These responses to change will delay your progress, preventing you from fully shining your light. Accept that change is going to be all around you, impacting you and everyone you love. In recent years you have had a taste of what this means in practice. With the massive upheaval taking place, you will want to be in your power as you move through changes. The power referred to here is divine power, not ego-based power – it is the power you access when you connect with your divine self and your heart. As you express your divine power in the midst of revolutionary changes, you set a positive example for others and you help to spark needed transformation in the world.”
~ Selacia


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