The Grand Sextile ~ July 29, 2013

Are you in line with your Soul?

Woah. Crazy energy today. The Grand Trine continues and deepens and planets align into a 6 pointed start of David AND there is T-square too. Squares help us take action, inspire change. Sextiles are opportunities. Lots of stuff happening in the Universe today! I feel things are coming together, we merging into this NEW paradigm. Weird crazy things have kept happening since December 21, 2012. Shifts. Changes. This trine energy is beginning to calm things down so we can flow easier, flow in our own grace. I believe things are settling down to begin a new. Are you conscious of what has happened for you?The things you need to change, let go of, so you can journey forward in your own river of life? Use your energy today to hone intentions and set your energy in a way that will inspire YOU forward. Passionately explore people who treat you well, things that you love, and connect with things that make your heart sing. That’s the magic, that is the lesson, and that is how I believe we can all become better and fuller of our own spirit and bliss.

Enjoy today and reflect on where you are at, what is happening, and where you want to be. Cheers to you and to today and infinity and beyond ❤

“You are the star of your life…shine your light…Become the BEST version of YOU…”

“MONDAY, JULY 29, THE GRAND SEXTILE: Today is the day when the Grand Sextile occurs. This would be a fantastic day to begin anything. It is a very positive aspect but with enough tension from the oppositions to actually make something happen. The good aspects are protective and generally prevent the bad things from happening but they can be easily overlooked since there is no tension. It is the quick moving Moon in Taurus that creates the Grand Trine in earth that lasts only a short time. The earthy half of the Grand Sextile is most potent in the afternoon between 2:48 PM and 7:09 PM…. The Water side of the aspect has been ongoing for weeks. It involves Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, in harmony with both Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Emotional flow is the potential with this aspect. At its best the Grand Sextile may mark a turning point for the better in some of the more difficult crises going on around the world and in our individual lives. At least we have this one day of incredible connections.” [Joyce Meuse]


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