Happy New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo Today!

“Leo wants each of us to assume the responsibility of becoming the author of our own lives… But don’t forget the other side of Leo, the playful, loving, generous, childlike heart of Leo. We individuate through play and pleasure as well as hard work. Leo is all about self-confidence, and even if you have to fake it (Leo is an actor), do it during the month the Sun travels through Leo!”

What have you done to manifest? To Let go, so you can start a new? This new Moon is BIG. A powerful time, in this new Month to celebrate YOU, your power, and your own passionate self. This moon is a new chapter. I believe it’s a big new shift. Use this energy to plant your seeds; seeds of Love, Self Confidence, and courage to fuel your own passion forward. To stop believing the illusions, and see and feel the truth. Trust your instincts and start to follow YOU. What you want, what you seek, and all that makes your heart sing. Set intention, plant a seed, and blissfully enjoy this new cycle and end of summer season.

How well do you know YOUR SELF? Can you face the truth of who you are. What you value. Keep the people close that help spark that inner fire. Weed out those toxic people and things, and choose to move more into YOU? Let yourself fall back into self. Gleam your glory and radiate your own inner power so you can SHINE BRIGHT!!


I celebrated by taking a spontaneous evening swim in the ocean during sunset to invite the new moon energy in and to help cleanse and purify the past, so I can move forward more towards all I seek.

  ‘Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire! The universe turns differently when fire loves water.’ Rumi

Leo energy in August: We want to love and love it all, and not hurt anyone, but have it all
Figure out  what is blocking your love… Leave the other energy behind and step into your true, unveil the illusions of what you think, understand what no longer works, and connect to the truth and feeling of your heart to find your happiness Move toward your passions and what you truly deeply seek. Purify yourself and cleanse past thoughts so you can step forward with the new moon tomorrow.

New energy. New desires. New Dreams. But we need our heart’s passion to unlock and inspire….

“It is all about the Theatre of the Mind–that Leo sense of drama and theatricality that tells a good story.   We need to see our lives in terms of story to understand where we are going.   Instead of falling into patriarchy’s story of partisan bickering, let’s open our imaginations and step into a new story of celebration and mystery.   There is so much creativity within each one of us, and collectively, we can be unstoppable in our determination to change.   So leave despair behind and see the possibilities!


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