How’s Your Energy Flowing these days?

Participation –The energies and directions are now evolving around your willingness to participate in the game of life. Are you in it or not? Read on…

You never really know what life has in store for you. Certainly not until you learn to flow your energy, your magic, toward attracting what it is you want and using your spiritual practices to keep you balanced and even after you start doing that there is a learning curve with understandings at deep levels as to how that magic works. For now know, that as you are starting your new life, your new story in the new aeon and it is really time to participate, not hold back, not be the observer from the bench. It is time to really get in the game!

Lots of folks hold back from participating in life because they are afraid they will make mistakes, but as has been said many times, you are not moving through life if you are not making mistakes and it is part of the learning process to do that. You have to learn that you just do the best you can with what circumstances are in front of you at the time! If there is a mistake, it is an unexpected outcome to which you say, “Hmmm, oh well, next.” If you cause harm then certainly you must apologize if warranted, and it is important, also, to forgive yourself and move on. The message of this Oracle is that it is time to participate. It is time to keep walking forward and walking through doors that open in front of you. You never know when something wonderful may be disguised as a crisis…take the risk, do it! Let your mantra be: I open my mind and my heart to fully engage and experience whatever is right in front of me. I AM participating…And So It Is!!! ~ Daily Oracle Republished with permission of Darity Wesley

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