End of Summer Heat & Balance

Hello September, and hello San Diego heat wave! High temperatures, lots of humidity, and plenty of sunshine to enjoy. As we dive into the end of summer, the season of love, it is important to check back in with yourself and how you are feeling, and seek out balance. Energetically the end of August and September is a time to commit to loving yourself, enjoy company of family and friends, and take time for yourself to relax. Perfect for the Labor day holiday! We transition from the Fire energy of summer into more Earth energy as we end summer, a great time to ground your energy, reflect on the past season and cycle of where you are, and to identify where you want to hone your energy for the upcoming harvest of Fall.

According to Ayurveda, Pitta is the dosha of Summertime. People who are of the Pitta constitution are firing, they are driven, and they are determined to succeed. Fire and water make up Pittas. Summer is the season of Pitta; high heat, high energy, and lots of sunshine to fire us all up. Because Pittas naturally have a lot of fire and heat already, it is common for many people to feel out of balance. Ayurveda suggests that like increases like. So with this heat it is important to balance yourself by nourishing the body with cooling foods and lots of liquids to calm the fire and ease with the heat. My favorite remedy, is cooling yourself down by playing in the ocean.


Pitta imbalances manifest in the body primarily in the third chakra, the solar plexus. It is connected to the stomach, digestion, and metabolism. Have you ever been curious as to why you are not as hungry with higher temperatures? Or why you may develop heat rashes during the summer?

It is probably because your digestion is off with the all the heat. Digestion is one of the most important aspects of Health. Your body reacts with how you digest your own life, and functions best with consistent bowel movements. Take care of your body by feeding it well, loading up on raw food, and taking time to nourish your body with in season foods. Take time to sit down and chew your food thoroughly, and avoid overeating or binging. Be mindful when consuming alcohol, this can easily disrupt your stomach as it adds more heat. Your digestive fire is typically strongest from 10-2pm so eat your largest meal around that time. That is also when the sun is the strongest and often the hottest part of the day. To help balance, avoid being outside and in the heat, as it will just add more excess heat. Incorporate more cooling activities like swimming into your lifestyle and be sure to listen to your body and not exhaust it physically.  Mediation and deep breathing are wonderful tools to help you relax and calm your energy. When the stomach and digestion become irritated it is important to breath deeply so energy can continue to move and help digest your food.  Your pranayama is a critical force that will help your belly feel better. Doing yoga early in the morning can help wake the body up while the temperature is still relatively cool. Adding twists and poses that focus on the stomach is especially beneficial.

Here are in season foods that will help you feel better with the heat and help ease digestion or stomach irritations:

–       Asparagus

–       Avocados

–        Kale

–       Watermelon

–       Cucumber

–       Ginger

–       Aloe Vera

–       Sweet Potatoes

–       Coconut Milk

–       Apples

–       Bananas

–       Spinach

–       Limes

–       Sweet fruits

–       Bitter and Sweet Vegetables (preferably raw)


Limit heavy, spicy foods, red meat, dairy, alcohol, fried food, caffeine, and other substances that add more heat to the body. Connect with the season and love yourself by feeding your body well and listening to what needs to shift so you can stay calm, collected, and cool.

Use these last few weeks of summer to drive your energy back into you. To connect with what areas of your health and life need more balance, and to take time to release things that no longer fuel your flame. Be in nature, be in line with the seasons, and enjoy all that you have already. Ground yourself and your intentions as we say goodbye to summertime and make space for the new harvest and seeds of Fall – September 22.


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