Virgo New Moon Sept 5, 2013

moonstarsMagical New Moon in Virgo ~

Set your intention. Manifest your dreams. Cut Cords with relationships holding you back from being the best expression of YOU. Commit to your health, feel your body, and treat it well… Believe in the opportunities coming.

Mantra: With my passions and love of self, I commit to nourishing my body well, grounding myself, accepting myself NOW and trusting all that follows…

Have you been feeling the huge shifts lately as Summer wines down and we step into the new cycle of September? There is a vibrant new moon on Thursday September 5pm at 4:36am.

New MoonOften before new moons we all go through a purging and clearing phase where we release things we no longer need from the last cycle. The body purges, perhaps you have not felt weird, and the mind begins to define more clarity so you can focus more on what you truly seek. I believe, that most of this purging is physically happening in our stomach and with digestion. Summer time is the season of heat/fire, and season of Love. It’s the third and fourth chakra. Energetically, we are moving out of the heat (3rd chakra) and into more grounding energy of Earth (1st Chakra) to help us stabilize for the upcoming new season and harvest of the fall. So naturally, as we transitions with the seasons and cycles, there is going to be some imbalance.  Treat your body well this week and nurture yourself with raw cooling foods and lots of water. Breathe and meditate to help calm you mind and body and collect your thoughts for this new cycle. Read my last post about balancing the body with the end of summer heat.

This new moon is powerful. The word magical just comes to mind for me. We are ending Summer and preparing for the Autumn season. It’s a time to harvest only things that you want to keep around that serve you for the best, and serve the world for the better. For me Summer relates to the 3rd Chakra, and it’s about having fun, enjoying who you are, and allowing yourself to live fully for you. The sun is out, it connects to the Fire of the Solar Plexus and heat. As we end Summer, and with all the shifts that have taken place this last cycle, it is time to recommit back to yourself and commit to what you truly love, enjoy, and seek. Say farewell to people, things, obstacles, that are challenging, and let in what works for you in the now. This means feeding your body well too and committing to health. This new moon cycle is big because it asks us to come back to self and reevaluate the relationship with yourself FIRST then the relationships you have with others. Release what is tying you back, so you can move forward.

Grounding. Nurturing. Healing. Allowing. Trust. Acceptance. Power. Love. Balance. Play. Enjoy. Radiate. Socialize. Communicate. Express. Commit. Be You. Be in Service. Organize. Security. Eat Well. Clean House. Purify. Cleanse. Restore. Gratitude. Faith. Surrender. Consciousness. Trust

“This could be a transformational New Moon. The Virgo energy supports one’s quest in life in finding wholeness and refinement. This is done through healing one’s self, and being an example to others. During this New Moon you may want to ask questions such as, “What is my destiny?” “How can I be of Divine service?” “What needs to be healed?” “What do I need to change?” Optimistic Jupiter supports whatever shifts you desire to integrate into your New Moon goals.”

I find it fascinating how we are at the half way mark of the Astrological year (beginning in the Spring), and today marks the Jewish new year! We are nearing the Fall Equinox (September 22), which officially ends Summer and begins Fall. Fall is all about planting seeds for your next harvest so big things can blossom in the Spring. So these last few weeks until September 22, 2013 are imperative to prepare us for what is to come. Use this energy for your advantage! We move out of the element of Fire in the Summer and now into grounding energy of Earth (1st Chakra). Ideally, a time to ground you in your fullest state so you can be ready for the next year. To me, this means coming back to yourself and reflecting on who you truly are, not who you have been trying to be, or who someone thinks you are. Can you use your love, passions, expression, and self worth (3rd Chakra) and now ground yourself and commit to it (1st Chakra)? Use all the shifts to highlight your own self worth and build your self esteem and remember your purpose for being and living fully in YOU. The first chakra is the root and relates to the element of Earth. I believe it is a time to use the first half the year and what has happened to help you re-root and reevaluate where your foundation truly lies.

By finding peace and clarity in yourself first, you allow relationships and partners to come forth and know when to rake in the good and weed out those who no longer serve a positive purpose. What people help you grow better? What people are merely teachers that served there with a valuable lesson? Who can you get go off? What friends may have taken a different road? And what road are you on now and who do you seek to keep around to bring out the best of you? For me, this answer is the hardest, and trusting that by letting go of people that hold you back, the universe will provide you with more better relationships and high energy to match you and your real needs. It is about feeling good in who you are, and being happy being you, and knowing the universe will work the rest out. This new moon is brings to light relationships and how you can journey forward in your higher purpose and with people in your tribe, connected to you and your needs. Trust your intuition. Don’t be surprised if certain people from the past come up or others slip away. With this Earth energy it is also a great time to honor the abundance the planet provides and all you have. Gratitude. Make wishes for money, security, and everything else you may desire as you build yourself and foundation to pave the way for your new harvest season. Do some house cleaning, organize, reevalute, and keep your own inner light and fire burning bright while you reestablish your own personal needs that will help you.

Take care of YOU this week. Recipe for the Virgo New Moon:

– Ground yourself, your energy, and feel you body and notice what is happening

– Nourish your body and stay hydrated, especially with all the Indian Summer Heat. Eat raw and cooling foods.

– Take a swim, clear, purify, and cleanse what you no longer need

– Use Thursday to reflect on the past and create new wishes and desires. Set intention.

“This New Moon is useful for strengthening your Self-esteem, Self-worth and Self-respect. When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone else. When you are not doing what is right for you, it is not right for others either. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Your natal Mercury reveals how you think and communicate. When you use your mental power for criticizing and judging, good vs. bad, pain/pleasure, and right/wrong. You can limit yourself in duality consciousness. Sometime things that seem bad for us can turn out to be quite good. Instead of thinking is this good or bad? Ask yourself, “What supports my balance?” Shift and evolve out of the need for worry, fault-finding and skepticism. Move to a place of allowing and acceptance. This is unity consciousness. This will empower you on your path of ascension. This will keep you in a place of magic and miracles…Use September to follow your passion, improve your work and heath habits. Focus on what is working. Let go of what is not working. Your wealth is in your health. The healthier you are the more you can work. The more you can work. The more you will earn. Be the empowered Virgo. That is healthy, wealthy and wise.” [Kelly Rosano]

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