Create the Relationship YOU WANT <3

With the powerful harvest full moon later this week, and with all this crazy relationship energy, this fits well–

Happy Last week of Summer! Please enjoy and reflect on the best relationship of all –> The one with yourself!!


Creating the Relationship You Want ི❥~ ི❥~

You may be trying to find or create perfect love in your life. Pure, clear, true love exists at the soul level, between souls. Even the most understanding person will not always be able to love you the way your personality wants to be loved. Some may come close, yet there will always be places where you do not feel completely loved, understood, or appreciated. With this knowledge, you can be more understanding and forgiving of others, knowing that they could never completely satisfy you.

You can stop looking for the perfect person to love, or stop trying to change the people you are with to make them please you more. Instead, you can look at how what you are experiencing in a relationship mirrors something that is occurring within yourself.

A universal law of relationships is that to create the relationship you want, you need to focus on creating the essence of what you want, rather than on a specific form. What is essence? It is a feeling, a soul quality; it is the soul love you want. When the essence is missing, no form will work. When it is present, many forms will work.

For instance, the essence of what you want may be a caring, loving connection. You think you will experience this if someone takes you out to dinner–a specific form. However, if this person takes you out and does not make a loving connection, the form of “going out” will not bring you what you want. Yet, if this person makes a wonderful loving connection with you, many forms will work, even staying at home.

No outer forms will bring you lasting joy. The personality is never happy for long. When some of its desires are filled, it comes up with a list of new ones! When you open to receive the essence of what you want rather than needing love to come in a specific form, love can come to you from anyone and everyone, bringing you true joy and lasting happiness.

~ Orin & Daben via Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
excerpt from Soul Love


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