Reflection of September~


And so another cycle ends and a new month begins tomorrow. Hello Fall! Wow the past week has been powerful. I blame it on the Full Harvest Moon. I feel quite a shift and this past week I’ve personally been doing a lot of purging and clearing physically in my body I’ve felt off, my mind has felt fogged, and a strange uneasy feeling has been passing through. It is beginning to pass now, I feel good, and today, on the last month of September 2013, I choose to let go, and reflect on the pass cycle.


Summer was a rolling wave of highs and lows and ripples and crashes. September helped me piece things together and get be back on my wave, to find my flow, to catch it, and to roll with it. It feels fantastic. Thank you September. Thank you for the lessons, for helping me understand how this cyclical universe works. Thank you for the teachers who have helped and challenged me to grow. I am so grateful for those relationships that have come back in, and those that have filtered out to so we may move on in the best of ways for us. I am at ease in where I am, knowing things keep getting better, and everything is becoming more clear. Thank you for the signs. Even though, I may not understand them yet, I allow them to seep into my experience and I capture them with me, while teaching myself to stay present in the moment despite my intuition. Thank you for letting me swim in the ocean sea and bask in sunshine and play. Thank you ocean, for cleansing and purifying my body, mind, and heart. Thank you for the hugs and kisses I have received. I am so grateful for the smiles, especially of strangers. Those are my favorite. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the random people I have met that share a kindred passion. Thank you for showing me that I can.  Thank you for the comments and praises I’ve received, that allow me to trust I am on my way, doing as I should. Thank you to the friends who have developed stronger, and reached out. Thank you for pointing me to yoga, for mystically guiding me to teach, and for everyday, invoking some new within me to help me truly ‘unyoke’. Thank you to the Sun for shining its brightness and energy down on me, filling me with happiness. Thank you for the Moon, and those powerful full and new cycles that bring me ease by trusting the astrology and connection. Thank you to the healers who share the wisdom and in the most divine of way, ensue clarity. Thank you for letting be heal myself, and in the process, help others heal. I have learned to feel, to connect to my emotions. To step out of my mind and listen to the beat of my heart. To express what I feel, to trust it, and despite the other circumstances and thoughts, to trust those connections that feed me forward. Powerful. I’m grateful for those special connectchange-quotes-sayings-meaningful-time-life-seasons-people_largeions that have shown up fuller this month. September, thank you for the joy, the light, and the fun ride I’ve had watching my own power expand. I’ve enjoyed catching the air, feeling the energy, and freely and openly dancing on your stage. I know now I need to sing again. I want to shine so bright and help others light theirs. I want to dance, sing, and play, and enjoy the process of this creation and universe. I know it’s possible. I finally understand. We are all connected. September has allowed me to bring full circle what the past two years have been about; the never ending journey of truth, of connection, and of coming back home to myself. How happy. What a ride. What a process. What an experience! I’ve learned to let go, to stop listening to the mind chatter and opinions of others, I’ve learned to be guided by intuition, but find peace by feeling, and trusting. Enjoying and seeing the lessons for what they are, and especially the reflections. Thank you September. I’m no longer lost. In fact I am quite found. I’m merrily wandering down my sandy beach of a yellow brick road… singing, clicking my heals, saying my OMs, and positively recognizing it was in me all along. I laugh that I finally now understand my favorite childhood movie. September you are a gift. This cycle has restored my fate. Re-cultivated Love for others and most importantly, to me. I’ve crystallized my intentions, I’ve confronted my fears, and I’ve become open to something new and profound. Magic. Yes, I believe. I believe in the universe, I believe in love, and I believe that I have all the power in me. It has been a journey of learning to listen, to tap in, to feel, to connect, and to evolve, not for anyone, but for me. Powerful stuff. Yes. I have been infused with much clarity in September and it feels amazing. Grateful. Purpose. Passion. Future. Needs, Wants. Desires. Heart. Joy…everything I want coming in, perhaps not in the best-est of ways, but for for the lessons I need. Although I am very sad to see this miraculous month come to an end, I am excited to see what new twists and turns October has to offer. I feel like I am stepping into a powerful month. I know more clarity is coming. I will continue to confront patterns, to re-teach myself about life, and I will take time to find introspection within and cultivate my own inner awareness beyond anything else. Finally, I will trust in me. I will speak my truth. I will no longer hide or silence myself. Good my September. You have been so good. I thank you for the reminder, that everything comes in time, and we all have things we need to work through. To say goodbye when it feels wrong, and to trust when it feels right. To live present, and to enjoy. To stay on this mystical path, to see the magic, to be open to it, and to smile, laugh, sing, and enjoy. After all, life is too short… may as well love the one your got and have fun.

Thank you universe. Thank you September. Thank you Summer. Thank you Fall. Cheers to what may come…

And so I reflect on this past Month of September. Is it me or does it seem like Time just keeps getting faster and life is just flying by?? I feel like just yesterday I was stepping into Summer. Thank you season, thank you cycles, thank you nature, and thank you universe. For abundance. For life. For life. For being. Today I reflect on my own magical powers within. I smile and laugh and what has come full circle. I keep the special moments in my heart from this month and I look forward to reaping more. I’m giddy. I’m High on life. I’ve tapped in, I get it, and I’m rolling forward. Cheers to the next wave I catch for October, may it be a spectacular ride… And so I watch the sunset, I thank the sun, make a wish with the green flash, snap a photo to remember, and watch the waves crash and flood the beach and close my eyes and thank myself. After all, it is all within me, for me, and because of me. ❤


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