On Twin Flames

This topic keeps popping up for me lately. Interesting. I’ve read about it many times , however, today I found some new information. Coincidence? Not quite. I’m a twin and the moment I heard the term I of course, wanted to hear what it was.

A Romantic Relationship With Your Twin Flame Is Often Difficult

It is very difficult to have a romantic relationship with your twin flame until you have cleared all of your Karma, relinquished your ego, and you have reached your last soul incarnation, and are ready to become one again.  We often have to live many lives, and deal with many soul mates who help us learn our life lessons, before we are ready to unite with our twin flame.  Until then you still have many lessons to learn, and while you are still learning those lessons uniting with your twin flame in a romantic relationship is very difficult because you are one and the same and having a romantic relationship with yourself exposes your faults and flaws that still need work.

When twin flames run, they are really running from THEMSELVES. They are us, we are them, and the connection highlights the parts of us that need working on and “fixing” in order to become our true selves again (united as one). This is MAJOR and very scary. We all have “faults” (lessons to learn) and it is painful to think about our percieved weaknesses. 

And this is what the twin flame makes us face up to. We see those “faults” in ourselves clearer than ever before. This scares us MORE THAN ANYTHING. We experience this wonderful person and it highlights to us all our “faults”. We are one, so we reflect each other and attract in to each other the very things we need to heal. The pain always comes before the healing though. With the twin flame’s presence (in soul and in physical) we finally have to face up to those things, and quite often we don’t want to (this is subconsciously), or aren’t ready. The very things about ourselves we have tried to distract ourselves from because we have been so ashamed are finally out in the open, seen completely by ourselves for the first times, and also seen by our twin flame. Often they are exaggerated.  Many times we feel both their emotional pain and their physical pain or discomfort that results from illness or injury which makes being together very difficult. So we run, until finally we have worked through our baggage, fixed our problems and issues, and we realize through the increased love, and awareness of our inner selves, that we have ALWAYS been worthy and that we are good enough.  We have cleared the Karma. reached the pinnacle of our enlightenment, and we are ready to become one again by uniting with our twin flame.  This may not even occur in a physical sense.  It may only end up happening in a spiritual sense on the astral plane.  

Many years ago I believe I found my twin flame.  I felt an instant connection to him and when we began talking it was as if we had known each other our entire lives, and then some.  We had so much in common it was unbelievable.  We started a relationship and it was very exciting in the beginning.  Discovering all the things we had in common and the thoughts we shared on so many levels was incredible.  We would be able to finish each other’s thoughts all the time.  He opened up my mind and I opened up his in many ways.  When I was away from him I ached for him.  I felt incomplete.    
After we had explored each other inside and out for several months it got to the point where there was nothing new to discover, and we didn’t bring new thoughts and ideas into each others worlds anymore.  He had the same faults and flaws that I did in many ways, and when those faults and flaws came to the forefront it was incredibly irritating and difficult to deal with.  I can be very stubborn and headstrong and so was he.  Sometimes when we would do something that irritated the other we would have a disagreement and then wouldn’t talk for days because neither one of us was willing to give in and make amends.  Our egos were still too strong.  Things became kind of tedious and difficult after a while.  

When we eventually broke up it was a very amicable split and we knew that we needed to remain in each other’s lives, but more as very close friends (like family), than as lovers.  He is still a very dear friend of mine, and it is interesting to note that he married a woman who is very much like my husband.  When we all get together we have a terrific time.  I now realize that until you have reached your ultimate level of enlightenment you want to have a romantic relationship with your soul mate and not your twin flame, because you want to be able to learn your lessons, let go of your ego, and compliment each other instead of duplicate each other, until you are ready to unite your soul into one in your last incarnation on Earth.  Often times opposites attract because being with your opposite compliments you and helps to open your mind.  This is my belief anyway. 


2 thoughts on “On Twin Flames

  1. awesome thoughts, thank you for sharing! i believe this is my last incarnation, and i thought maaaybe i had met my twin flame on 12/21, but he ran and so i’m just working on my stuff and seeing what opens up. maybe part of me wanted to believe i would meet my twin flame on that special day, but either way this idea of a twin flame was presented to me during that time and i have been very curious ever since.. especially when years ago during a palm reading, someone said “you will marry once a little later in life, and it will be forever” — my heart got the feeling that meant i will find my “ONE” … *shrug* but what do i know 😉

    1. Hi! Yes it’s an interesting dynamic… He’s running too & people have told me no, let go, get rid, stop, but something in me sees something deep inner truth in him. I have reached a place of letting the universe pull us together as we need & to do inner work when needed. Never to force, to allow 😉 And of course, watch the magical universe take the reins…. wherever that goes!

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