Solar Eclipse ~ A Whole New World ~


Shifts happening. Hello New World!! A whole new world…. A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view, No one to tell us no or where to go, Or say we’re only dreaming…


But really. My life has turned into a crazy real Disney movie. Unreal, but so real and true. It’s magical. There is magic in the universe, and magic when you believe. Check in with yourself and who you are. What has come to surface these past few weeks, or even year. What and who are you holding onto? Shed the ego. Stop thinking and doing. Just be. Things happen and come easier. Notice your heart, how it’s grown and who and what propel that. Trust that. Live in that. Relish it and keep it. Take your life and create your magic with your own light… Eclipse the toxicity and negativity and freely soar… Shining shimmering wonders will be unveiled…


New Moon Solar Eclipse
Moon and Sun in Scorpio
11 degrees, 15 minutes
4:50 am (PST)
November 3, 2013

Two weeks ago we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. On Sunday, we will experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the light of the Sun.

This Eclipse will be both an Annular and Total Eclipse, depending on where it is observed. An Annular Eclipse is a partial eclipse and occurs when the Moon is farthest in its orbit from the Earth so that its disk does not fully cover the light of the Sun. This eclipse may be seen from eastern North America, northern South America, southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Total Eclipse of the Sun will be visible within a thin corridor which traverses the North Atlantic and equatorial Africa.

A Solar Eclipse sparks the beginning of a new paradigm that Humanity will continue to experience throughout eternity.

This powerful alignment supports the revelation of deeper truth and understanding, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. This will include three basic levels of knowledge that will be experienced on a personal level as well as a collective level and will become noticeable in the following six months:

1) An uncovering of hidden agendas – which is already happening;
2) A revealing of subconscious motivations; and
3) An increase of Divine inspirations.

At the same time, there is a Finger of God/Yod configuration (see purple image in chart). This is a spiritual alignment that stimulates out-of-synch experiences in most of our relationships. These experiences will continue, until we let go of control and surrender to the Will of God. The planets in this Yod are Uranus, Sun, Moon and Mars. Uranus is where the ‘finger’ is pointing. This is the higher purpose of the Yod which may be realized through Humanitarian service for the good of all – “One for all and all for One.”

As these activities are expressing, the power of the Sun/Moon and Mars will combine to empower the potential of humanitarian, scientific and metaphysical developments. Taking actions that are guided by Divine inspiration will lead to breakthroughs for humanity, communities and groups.

Always follow your intuition and be true to your uniqueness.

In Love & Appreciation,
~ Govinda Miller



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