Hello 2014

New Year. New Moon. New Season. New Intention. New YOU… 

Goodbye 2013 and help 2014! I have spend much time reflecting, and especially looking back on all that the past year has brought me. I believe in the power of living life in alignment with the universe, and listening to the natural cycles of nature. This new years day is something bigger than many other new years before. We also had a new moon on January 1, 2014. About a week before that the Winter Solstice began – a new season! Things are changing, cycles are ending, and a general massive shift is taking place here on planet Earth. How are you aligning with it?

new year

I look back on the year and woah. What felt like a wild wave of very high moments and extreme lows, is finally over, and now I can move forward. I give thanks to all the special people who have come into or out of my life. I thank the lessons and growth all those people have inspired in myself. I have so much gratitude for how my life has evolved, and all the magical circumstances that have unfolded. Yes, 2013 has been a wild and transformative year. I’m sure not just for me, but for the masses. This year I learned the power in tuning back into self. I learned to trust my intuition and to trust myself. I stopped holding on to toxic people, ideas, beliefs, thoughts, and started to only care about what I truly value. I’ve made peace with what happened in my childhood and past, and I’ve learned to compassionately move forward. I’ve centered myself my tuning into what is best for me. I’ve stopped doubting. I’m so thankful for all that has happened and all the blessings I’ve received.  2013 was a wild year. Full of unexpected surprises, deep connections, and uplifting teachers who helped coach me along the way. What a gift. On this new year, new cycle, new chapter, new moon, and new season, I stand present in who I am. I reflect on what the year has taught me and I trust that I can move forward. I let go, and I choose to stop trying, forcing, or wanting. Instead, my intention for 2014 is to learn to allow (and more). Lots of changes happened in 2013, lots of things changed within myself and about myself. It has been an amazing ride. I look forward to what the new energy of 2014 brings.

This new year I invite you to reflect back on your own accomplishments. Instead of finding problems, can you just make peace with where you are at? To acknowledge what has happened, who you’ve become? Can you choose to allow yourself to set intentions that help fulfill that deep yearning you have deep inside? 2013 has taught me how to relax, to breathe easy, to eat well and feel my body. To trust every energetic pulse and to reaffirm that what I feel is the best gage beyond anything the mind says. I’ve learned to trust, and trust myself. I’ve learned how to become. 2014 – more will continue to change. But consciously choosing what is best for me, and setting my goals with that in mind, is how I resolve to bring in the new year.

It’s never about some glamorous sparkly holiday or bottles of champagne to toast at midnight. It’s about living in alignment and knowing when cycles end, and how to say goodbye to what was. Hello 2014, hello new moon, hello changes and new attitudes. Today, tomorrow, and every day after, choose yourself. Stop setting goals, priorities, resolutions, because you think that is what you need to be happy, to enjoy, and to fix. Be different. Instead, be gracious for where you are at, where you seek to be, and trust that by aligning with yourself first, the rest will naturally fall into place…



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