2013 ~ Oh What a Ride!

     I’ve been reflecting a lot on 2013, as I do every year, and with every cycle. What happened in 2013? For me it was a wild ride, like an endless wave of highs and lows that I was constantly learning how to ride. I’ve had many great lessons in 2013, and have met a few selected stand out teachers and I’ve even been joined with some deep soul connections. I’m grateful. 2013 bridged the cap between where I was and the confusion that was present in me. What was a long year of shifts and changes, turned out to be one of the most liberating years of my life.IMG_3686

             2013 taught me to be open and to trust in myself. To allow change to happen, and to trust in the process of growth. In 2013 I found love and fostered unreal divine connections with some amazing souls. I moved. I rebuilt my foundation and planted new roots for myself. I found courage in learning to speak my truth. Most importantly, I learned to open up to myself. To release my childhood, past, and other people’s inflections and attitudes. I spent a lot of time along, and have found such enjoyment in the pleasure of finding myself. In 2013 I became myself, and shifted my mindset out of ‘what is normal’ into ‘what I truly rejoice in doing.’ I spoke up. It’s been no easy process, but I’ve had such great support along the way to help me through the anger, sadness, grief, confusion, and more. It is funny how the universe aligns things in the most auspicious ways. Looking back now, I thank those people who showed up to teach me a lesson, I thank the universe for getting those toxic people out of my life, and I delight in having learned how to live my life for me and only me- that you don’t need anyone or anything to feel complete. I’ve witnessed the power of intention. I’ve seen manifestation happen almost instantly. I’ve discovered gifts within myself and I’ve learned that I’ve known all along how to live a life of joy and pleasure. The truth is I just been unaware of it and blocked from the way society has trained me to evolve. Now I am open, I am aware, and I am so driven.

            2013 – thank you for guiding me, for showing me, and for teaching me. For bringing things into play so I can learn some valuable lessons. For teaching me what love is, and even though that guy is on another path, I thank you. Thank you for letting me help others unyoke themselves with yoga. Thank you for the comments when students tell me I’m inspiring and a good teachers. Thank you for all the gifts you have provided me with. Thank you for showing me I can live my life for me, and not on anyone else’s account.  Thank you for proving that there is divine magic in the universe. That we are all on different paths, and we are all here for a different purpose. Sure, we all have our struggles, and some things are more challenging to some than others. We are all here on the planet for a reason. 2013 has taught me that we are all connected. That truly those things you read about, dream about, and sing about, happen. I chose the path of self in 2013 and I became a student of life and kept discovering. Oh what a ride. I’ve learned to surf in the water, how to steady glide forward, and how to swim back up when you feel like you’ve drowned so deep. I’ve learned to keep swimming. To reach the safety of the shore but to keep challenging myself to jump back in. I’ve learned to stop chasing against the waves, instead enjoy the free ride. I reflect back and thank the universe for the magic…. Always flowing, always shifting, and always changing as you allow it to…

           Hello 2014. I welcome you with great excitement. I let go of 2013 and I harbor those memories away and choose to start a new in this cycle and winter solstice season. I trust what was, and I look back with gratitude and shine a light on the growth I’ve created. Life is but a wave, always flowing in and out, changing tides, temperatures, and sometimes having better sunrises or more colorful sunsets. It is what you make of it. What are you reflecting on or still holding? Can you look back with thanks and appreciate the happenings, but set new visions for your own journey forward? I reflect back and laugh. I smile and the awkward moments, I find humor in how I use to be, and I take pride in who I am becoming. I kiss 2013 goodbye and kick of 2014 with my toes in the sand, watching the waves ride in and out, and surrendering to the new year as I set my intentions in place. I relax, I let go, I breathe easy, and watch the beauty that is this magical thing we call life. Enjoy!





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