Open your Heart & Align in 2014


Start 2014 of Right. Life your life to the fullest, and align with what you want and know it is going to happen.

It’s funny because all week I’ve been speaking and themeing in my yoga classes about being open to the possibilities of the new year. Every year our society has been trained to set new resolutions and new goals and typically we all create ideas that will enforce change in us in some way or another. Maybe it is to finally loose weight, or to stop procrastinating, or to relax more, try yoga… the list goes on. We think we need change in the new year and we think it’s going to happen in January and right way. Well how often do you loose track of these goals? You buy the gym membership, the cute workout clothes, you start slow down a bit, and then March hits and suddenly you are right back where you were last year. The same old pattern continues.

In Yogic philosophy we are taught to journey on our mats so we can open and create more space – in the physical body, in the possibilities.jpg?w=500&h=420energetic body, and by taming the ego in the mind. So often in the start of a year we set resolutions on how we can change and we make goals. Often the ego steps in and interrupts the process by placing limitations: I need to loose 10 pounds, I have to thin up by April, I need to diet in January, I have to find a partner, I need to clean more… We attain this mindset that we must change, and now, and especially because it’s a new year, it will be different…. Why not align yourself in the new year like you do on your yoga mat daily? Why not set an intention, make a wish, and without the limits/deadlines/and hows, just trust it will happen? Why not stop the pain, worry, and patterns of the past, and take a calm moment to remember what you truly need and want, and be open to how that will happen?

One of the most challenging things Yoga teaches is learning to supremely align yourself in such a way that you are able to keep your intention and attitude, despite the challenges that come to surface- To be so open in your heart with what you want, that you can trust yourself to create all and any change you need. All week I’ve been teaching students to fill your hearts desire and to just put it out there and trust and relax with that wish. In class, to use the breath to remain centered, to relax and calm the facial muscles, shoulders, and to expand lovingly through the heart and keep that place open to receive all that is coming. To learn to place yourself on your mat and align, but to learn how to take it off the mat and surrender to the process of becoming. Let your heart lead the way in the new year. Let that be what motivates you and sets your desires. Stop saying ‘I have to make more money’, ‘I need to loose weight and look better,’ and start recognizing all that you need is already inside of you. We just build these limitations form outside forces and create patterns day over day so nothing changes. Being open on you mat means you arrive, and no matter what happens you breathe, you let go, and you make an intention in the moment that elevates you. If you want change this year, you create it, and you become open to it. This year I invite you to empty yourself of the struggle, the limitations, the ego, and all those things you have to do because you think you will be better. You are great! 2014 is a new year and it IS a time to start over. To start to align your life by living joyfully from your heart center. That is the yoga. To make a goal, to write a wish, and set intention to open your heart, and align your attitude to that space, then stay open to how it will happen.

happyendingTo me, being open, means trusting the process, and reminding yourself every day what YOU REALLY want. NOT what you THINK you want. It’s funny because as I’ve been teaching aspects of this idea throughout the week, I catch myself falling back to old ways. Being open is a challenge. Being vulnerable enough to sit back and pause, before reacting to anything or moving forward, to calmly close your eyes and breathe, then spark the question ‘what do I really want?’ I guarantee if you are able to silence yourself and that mind, you will remember, and things will become more clear. For me it was seeking something in someone else. Then I remembered that I dont NEED someone or my vision of someone to help me feel better. I have it in myself, I need to align back with it, and know it will happen when I’m in alignment with my wishes and truly open to having that. To let go of how wonderful things use to be, or could be, or can be. For me it’s about staying present, and stop forcing or pushing or thinking something will happen in a certain way. It never does. 2014 is here. While I believe in aligning more with the seasons and cycles of the universe, I do believe in transformation is possible and is happening. Are you open to it? Or are you holding onto past things, people, ideas, and beliefs? Are you limiting yourself, by not aligning to your deepest best wishes and desires? No one and nothing can help you achieve anything, be open to the force within yourself and high above to give it to you. Surrender. Let go. Fill up with your own desires, let go of what was, and watch as things transform better than you thought they could. No fear, no resistance, just put it out there, and if your heart seeks it, things gracefully come together.

2014. Start Fresh. Be open. Close your eyes and breathe into your center – your heart. Make goals that elevate that space. Not what society needs, or what you think you need, or what you Mom, Dad, Friend, Partner tell you. It is up to YOU. You have the power and the answers in yourself. Love yourself more this year and commit to you. Be open to your wishes, and align from the heart. Change your attitude and fill your world with things that bring you that sweet feeling within that allows you to lovingly, happily, and joyfully, watch things come in easily and profoundly. Stop looking. Start listening. Surrender… the universe is listening, and things happen magically when you pause and fill with your heart’s wishes then allow forces freely ride…


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