2014 ~ Year of YES.

Well 2014 is off to the most interesting beginning… I’ve decided that 2014 is the year of YES.Yes-You-Can
It is time to be courageous, to step out of your box, to do the impossible, to DREAMBIG and LIVE bigger, and time to face reality and create it and enjoy. This year, I’ve decided, is about ME. Doing what is best for me, my body, and my soul. To laugh when people don’t understand or lie, to be vocal about what I want, and to make choices that make me feel happy and free and so so ALIVE. Say YES to you!! Life is about living. Are you living fulling? Or are you stuck in the past or in your mind?

I’m a student of life, and wow, I learned a lot last year. I fostered connections that are only real in fairy tales. Things evolved in the most crazy of ways. I learned a whole lot about myself. I fed myself off books, and enjoyed yoga trainings that helped me grow as a person. I learned what it means to come into alignment. I crossed a border and entered into a whole new world of living. I kept asking questions, and eventually, I got answers. I laughed a lot, but I cried a whole lot more. I learned to feel, and to use my temple- the body- as a gage. I felt others make mistakes, and helped heal people back into place. 2013 – the year of highs and lows, lessons and growth, people and connections, consciousnesses and more…

yes2014 – it is the year of YES. I’m ready for change, I embrace it, and I understand it more. After a year of being so so lost and confused, and another year of learning and connecting deeper to myself, this year I know will grow bigger, I will be vulnerable, I will speak without hiding back, and I will continue to be honest and open. I will say things as they are, even if it risks loosing people, trusting that by aligning with my truth, the universe will pave the way. You are on this planet to grow and to evolve. Everything is connected. It’s time for the world to change. We all need it. This year I say YES. YES to the people who inspire me, the friends who care about me, and the connections I’ve made that I synchronicity have come together. I trust my intuition. I know my dreams. I know how open I am, and always have been. I’m ready for life. No longer to do I cling or chase or doubt or desire. I need nothing but faith within myself. This magical world I call life is quite divine and so wild. So right now, in this new year, I ask you: Are you a YES to you? Or are you still holding on to that person, those friends, that family pattern, that belief, and that idea that society told you how to be? Or are you allowing yourself to BECOME?

It’s all possible when you are able to accept your path, take your journey, be willing to do the work, and remember those wonderful things and people that help you grow, inspire, and show you step into your light. Say YES to YOU and only YOU. It’s hard at first. It’s scary. It can be lonely. It can take time. But the second you override everything that once was, and start to focus on what could be, life suddenly becomes easy and magical. It’s a process, it’s a journey. Say YES to you. Listen you what truly makes you feel good. Set your boundaries with those negative and toxic people. Enjoy a positive atmosphere and surround yourself in good energy. I promise it works… When you weed out the bad, you make way for the good…. Live in alignment with YOU. Be your Yes. Feel well. Feel great. And wake up alive in every day! YES.

This next month I’m doing a chakra series in my yoga classes. Teaching how to open up to the YES in you and align fully physically and energetically in the best way possible. YES. Try it, say it, sing it, speak it, feel it, do it, and LIVE it. YES. Yes. YES.



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