Jan 15 2014 – Full Moon in Cancer!

I woke up this morning feeling very weird. I woke up at 5am and could not really go back to sleep. I physically felt good, but emotionally was not present. I feel this deep feeling in my stomach. I’m definitely feeling the Full Moon! Today the full moon is in Cancer! Cancer is a deep water sign – connecting to emotions. Are you feeling it? Stay hydrated, drink water, avoid refine foods, and instead of filling up with substances, sugars, alcohol, etc, allow yourself to feel you body, feel you emotions, and listen to what they are telling you! Your soul knows what’s best. It resides in your body. Trust those indicators and live well.

“This Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, where it loves to be. When the Moon is in Cancer, people are likely to be even more emotional and sensitive than usual. Feelings may be hurt easily, yours and others. Your desire to nurture, be nurtured and be with your Heart Family is increased. Expressions of caring may include food. So watch for a tendency to overeat.fm-cancer-awakened_250
At the same time, Capricorn Sun energy is serious, careful, pragmatic and organized. It likes structure and is very focused on getting the job done. Integrity is very important to Capricorn.With this Full Moon, there is a Cardinal Grand Cross configuration (shown in red) involving the planets Uranus (in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer), Mars (in Libra) and Pluto and Venus (in Capricorn). All of these signs are expressing Cardinal qualities. Cardinal qualities stimulate us to make changes that are needed in our life. Therefore, we may feel restless, impatient and possibly more aggressive.

This Grand Cross is asking us to look at four major areas of our life to assess if it is time to initiate important changes. When looking at each of these specific areas, it may help to ask these important questions:
The first area has to do with us, personally. How am I showing up in my life? What do I really want? Am I happy?
The second has to do with our family and home. Am I connected with my Heart Family? Does my home situation nurture my soul? Is my home one of constriction or expansion?
The third area has to do with our significant relationships. What are my relationships reflecting back to me? Do I feel nurtured and loved in my relationships? Am I growing emotionally and spiritually as a result of my relationships?
Fourth has to do with career, public reputation, public responsibility and our relationship with authority. Am I doing what I love to do? Am I serving the Highest Good? Am I able to maintain my individuality, freedom and neutrality in the face of authority?
Any unresolved issues surrounding these four areas, may come up for us to review and possibly change.” [Govinda & Janet Miller]

  • Take Risks! Be fearless and do something new.
  • Build your new foundation so you can achieve your goals
  • Balance of Masculine and Feminine energies
  • What needs nurturing now in yourself and life?

“As the lunar climax builds through Tuesday and Wednesday we are wise to act in ways that bring strength and security to the roots of our lives. We should be conscious and sensitive of the emotional well being of those who are closest to us. Emotional extremes will abound so strive to maint

ain and induce peace unto others. Great opportunities for investment will open these next two days so be prudent and resourceful with them. These are perfect days and nights to identify what disturbs or destroys our emotional health so that we can truly evolve beyond diseased living. Realizations will be born as we reflect on our past, our conditioning, and our instinctual responses to present day stimuli. The stories of our ancestors are written into our genes and for some the sorrows of these lives live anew, in these times. If you feel yourself to be a prisoner of your past this is the Full Moon to shatter the shackles that limit your life!” [Astrologer Salvador Russo]

Many things in life are changing, altering that the Full Moon in Cancer may activate as this is the first full moon of the new year. Something inside of you may be yearning for nourishment and tenderness. While another part of you needs to let go of being attached to a past dysfunctional emotional pattern or pain that began in childhood.…Use your intention to bring greater illumination of that which is hidden from your awareness. Allow yourself to journey into the world of your emotional level and pin point the habitual tendency that seems to set up an ‘avoidance’ reaction to healing. Journey into the heart and let yourself gothrough the healing process to access the rich wisdom contained within the wound.”…Let yourself be free to float upon the waters of restoration and healing now. The illumination from the Full Moon in Cancer potentially brings you in touch with compassion and nurturing so that it benefits you and all aspects of your life and relationships now. [Dipali Desai]



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