New Moon in Aquarius! SuperMoon!!

Happy Birthday Month to Me!

Two new moons in one month = supermoon! Breathe. Relax. January things are changing.

Today, a new Moon in Aquarius —> Dream BIG. Make  WISH. and ENJOY.

  • Step into your power & keep it
  • Be unique
  • share your gifts and enjoy your creativity and artistic expressions
  • Be real
  • Dream
  • Be your own individual – proud and true
  • Enjoy life & the freedom in having and knowing yourself

It’s time to be YOU. Be authentic, original, trust yourself, and freely dance in your own rhythm of life. This year is about moving forward, on your path, your destiny, and keeping only people that align with that. Open you eyes and smell the fresh air. It is new. Do you sense it or feel it? Do what liberates you, and do what pleases you. Stop what was and be open to what is. The Chinese new year is Friday too. Lot’s changing. I’d recommend looking back at December, those resolutions, and seeking what your new goals are now. I am sure they have shifted. Wake up and drink in the coffee. Breathe. Things are happening. Are you ready for it?Aquarius-1

ground yourself. This airy Aquairus energy is making a lot of people flighty and feeling off.

“Aquarius is also the sign of our goals and visions for the future.   Who do you share your goals with?   What is your vision of the future?   Our vision (the Moon/3rd Eye) can either be shaped by our culture or by our free will.   We can choose how we see our future if we take time to understand how the old story we have of ourselves is really a story of how well we’ve lived up to patriarchal expectations.   These stories have often been shaped by negative opinions, false expectations and failures in achieving our goals.   These stories undermine our belief in ourselves and our worth as well as the hope of a different and better future… What if our heart’s goals and visions don’t align with patriarchy’s expectations?   What if our old story is false because it doesn’t take into account our soul?   What if we let our soul tell us what our story needs to be?” [read more

moon-in-aquarius“The Aquarius New Moon represents freedom and liberation. Liberate your mind first and your freedom will follow. Aquarius reminds you to follow the beat of your own drum. Be unique. Be original. Be who you really are. Take a walk on the weird side of life. You may find a part of yourself that has been begging for expression. This is the Aquarian New Moon message.. A new cycle is beginning for you. The Aquarius New Moon can empower you to move in a bold direction. You may break free from bad habits and relationships. You could awaken to your divine destiny. You are no longer distracted by fear and doubt. You are ready to be who you were born to be. You are prepared to stand in your divine power and shine your light. This energy promotes your creative self-expression…”.” [Kelley Rosano]


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